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Henry Harvin vs Zell Education Reviews with Facts (Exposed)

Over 180 countries recognize the finance qualification, giving you opportunities not only within your own country of residence but also abroad. Corporations around the world recognize individuals with ACCA, CPA, and IFRS credentials.

Because of the sheer number of study materials available today, finding the best ACCA, CPA, and IFRS courses can be a bit overwhelming. Many preparation courses are claiming to be the best. Do you know what to do? How do they differ? Are any of them more helpful than the others for passing the exam?

Zell Education is one of the biggest ACCA training institutes in West India, offering the best ACCA classes in Mumbai. In the field of finance, they offer courses for young professionals. ACCA has granted Gold status to the company. In this article, I will discuss how Zell education compares to other universities. This will include a detailed look at the courses available, training methods, assessment methods, and job opportunities.

About Zell education:

The aim at Zell is to make skill up-gradation effectively, affordable, and accessible to all, and to become India’s leading training center. With industry experts & best educational practices, they aim to provide high-quality education & skills upgradation. The Zell Education center is located in the west of Mumbai, Maharashtra. Courses related to finance and accounting are offered here. Live classes and online classes are available under your schedule and requirements.

Over 150 corporate training have been conducted, affecting the lives of over 10000 students

Zell education reviews:

There are two sections to the training program:

  1. Accounts 
  2. Finance.

They offer four courses under the accounts section. 

  1. Association of chartered certified accountants
  2. Diploma in IFRS by ACCA
  3. Certified public accountant
  4. Finance and accounting

There were days when commerce was merely a choice due to low percentages in 10th and 12th grades. As financial markets continue to grow and expand, commerce graduates, as well as those with specialization certification in the Finance sector, are in high demand. Throughout this blog, I will provide an in-depth description of every course.

Association of chartered certified accountants- Zell education reviews

Globally, the ACCA is the largest professional association for chartered accountants. Located in the UK, this degree provides you with the option to practice accounting abroad as well as in India.

The program is recognized in Canada, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, and more than 180 other countries. ACCAs are actively recruited by industry giants like The Big4, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, and many more because of their outstanding skills.

Course reviews:

  1. The course lasts from 6 to 24 months
  2. This course includes 3 levels and 13 papers
  3. Each quarter, there is an exam
  4. Online learning is the mode of instruction.
  5. 200+ faculty members who have industry knowledge and experience handle students.

Students will be able to access the following through the learning platform:

  • Recordings and live classes are available online
  • Practice Mocks Unlimited
  • Exams conducted by the ACCA
  • Learning Partner Approved by Platinum
  • Faculty Qualified by ACCA
  • Assistance with 100% placement
  • The passing rate is 80%
  • Ranking holders at ACCA as alumni
  • EMI options at no cost and fee waivers
  • An internal learning management system
  • Cost-effective variants of the program


  1. For students to qualify for the ACCA qualification, they must have qualified their 10+2 examinations with an aggregate of 65% in Mathematics / Accounts and English, and a minimum of 50% in other subjects.
  2. The ACCA qualification can be obtained via the Foundation in Accountancy (FIA) route by students who have just passed their class 10 examinations, or who do not meet the criteria above.

Program fees

If you are willing to take knowledge level then you will have 3 options to choose

  1. Pro: Course fees are 120000. Weekday classes. Course duration is 15 months+ 3 months free
  2. Premium: course fees are 82000. Weekend classes. Course duration is 15 months+ 3 months free
  3. Lite: course fees are 35000. Self-paced learning. Course duration is 12 months

If you are willing to take skill level then you will have 3 options to choose

  1. Pro: Course fees are 150000. Weekday classes. Course duration is 15 months+ 3 months free
  2. Premium: course fees are 120000. Weekend classes. Course duration is 15 months+ 3 months free
  3. Lite: course fees are 45000. Self-paced learning. Course duration is 12 months

If you are willing to take professional level then you will have 3 options to choose

  1. Premium: course fees are 117000. Weekend classes. Course duration is 15 months+ 3 months free
  2. Lite: course fees are 40000. Self-paced learning. Course duration is 12 months

2) Diploma in IFRS by ACCA- Zell education reviews

An internationally renowned institution offers a course in international financial reporting called Diploma in International Financial Reporting (DipIFRS). It is the highest qualification available in the field of finance & accounting, and it enjoys global recognition. DipIFRS certification opens the door to endless opportunities in the finance and accounting industries to professionals looking for a deeper understanding of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Both in India and abroad, finance and accounting professionals are always in demand. A DipIFRS certificate provides worldwide employment opportunities due to its global recognition. 

Many top companies in India offer IFRS profiles. Many DipIFRS candidates advance to the Big Four (PwC, KPMG, Deloitte, E&Y), Grant Thornton, or BDO after completing their program.

One must possess both theoretical as well as practical knowledge to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment. They offer IFRS diplomas by ACCA at Zell education

Course reviews:

  • Course duration is 3 months
  • The batch schedule is weekends
  • Study mode is classroom and online
  • This course covers financial statements, financial statement presentation, and additional disclosures, and preparing external financial reports for combined entities, associate entities, and joint ventures.
  • India’s largest institute for IFRS training
  • Mock tests are provided regularly
  • Faculty with Dip IFRS qualifications
  • Placement assistance of 100%
  • Experience in the field with on-the-ground assignments
  • The ACCA Body can award students a diploma upon passing the DipIFRS examination.
  • Approximately 40% of DipIFRS candidates pass the exam (the amount of DipIFRS candidates who pass at Zell is 85%). 


Those who have not yet obtained their qualifications must prove they meet at least one of the following criteria –

  • A relevant law degree and two years of experience in accounting are required
  • A certification in international financial reporting and two years of relevant accounting experience 
  • An accounting degree and three years of relevant experience are required 

Program fees

  • There is a 24000 fee for the 90-hour program.

3. Certified public accountant – Zell education reviews

CPA stands for Certified Public Accountant. America, Canada, and Australia are countries where accountants are referred to as CPAs. By obtaining the US CPA qualification, a professional can become a CPA who can work in their state and throughout the world as a CPA professional. 

A student can schedule and appear for an exam at their convenience eight times out of 12 months in a year. January, February, April, May, July, August, October, and November are the months when exams are held. 

Course reviews:

  • The duration of the course is 1 to 1.5 years. 
  • Batch schedules are on weekends and weekdays
  • The mode of learning is online
  • Earn your Chartered Accountant designation in the United States
  • LMS with more than 12,000 questions
  • Faculty with CPA qualifications
  • Experienced industry professionals will conduct workshops
  • For lectures missed, there are recordings of the sessions
  • Placement assistance 100%
  • The mentorship program
  • Options for no-cost EMI


After graduation, students must earn 150 accounting credits to be eligible to sit for the CPA qualifications.

If not, the student must have completed:

Bachelor’s degree plus MBA, CA, or M.Com.

Program Fees:

It costs Rs. 3.2-3.6 lakhs (including training, testing, and registration) to complete the course.

4. Finance and accounting – Zell education reviews

In this course, you will gain a basic understanding of all the concepts of accounting. A career in finance can be pursued by anyone interested in this course. It is possible to apply for this course even if you come from a different field.

Course reviews:

  • Course Duration is 300 hours
  • The mode of learning is online
  • Mode of Teaching is live online classes
  • There is an availability of weekend batches
  • You would receive a certificate after course completion.


Those who want to clarify their doubts about the basics of finance and accounting should take this course.

Program fees

Course Fee is Rs. 35000/- + Taxes

So far we have discussed courses that come under the accounts section. Now we are going to discuss the courses that come under the finance section.

In finance, there are three courses available. 

  1. Chartered financial analyst
  2. Introduction to financial markets
  3. Personal finance

1. Chartered financial analyst – Zell education reviews

CFA Institute offers a post-graduate program in investment and financial management called the Chartered Financial Analyst Program. Investment and finance professionals will find it useful. The CFA is one of the highest levels of international qualifications. You must pass all three CFA Level exams, as well as have four years of professional work experience, to get your Charterholder Certificate from the CFA Institute.

Course reviews:

Charterholders must pass all three levels of the CFA exam, along with four years of professional experience, and Zell Education provides 100% interview training and placement assistance. Your career coach guides you through everything – from creating a perfect resume to giving you confidence during job interviews. You’ll be prepared for the real world by taking several mock tests and interviews during their extensive training.

  • Course Duration is 6 months per level 
  • Weekdays and weekends classes are available
  • Mode of Training is Online & Classroom
  • Professors who are CFA certified
  • Pass Rate of 80%
  • Charter holder alumni of CFA
  • EMIs at no cost
  • Placement assistance of 100%
  • Recordings of missed lectures
  • Organizing regular mock tests and tests
  • A Dedicated Doubt-Solving Session


A CFA charter holder is a person that possesses a post-graduate degree or certification in finance, and this is a kind of masters or post-graduate degree. Courses in this area are internationally recognized. An international passport and a bachelor’s degree are required, as well as four years of relevant experience.

Program fees:

There is a course fee of 30000 rupees plus tax

The following companies can employ a competent CFA in India:

Investment banks, research firms, alternative investment firms, mutual funds, broker-dealers, commercial banks, and asset management firms, among others. Listed here are a few examples but not all. Any of these can describe your work profile – evaluating or applying financial, economic, or statistical data as part of investment decision-making; supervising people who conduct such activities; or teaching such activities. Companies like J.P Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Barclays, KPMG, Deloitte, PwC, E&Y, and Indiabulls actively recruit CFAs.

2. Introduction to financial markets – Zell education reviews

Anyone from a variety of backgrounds and academic backgrounds can benefit from Zell’s financial market course. A young and aspiring finance professional can apply for careers as an Investment Banker, Portfolio Manager, Mutual Fund Manager, Investor, Trader, or Stock Broker. If you are unable to attend the sessions at the institute in person, you can attend them online. We will provide you with a recording of the lecture if you cannot attend online. You will learn valuable skills in investing and managing your money. While you do not have to have a Demat account for the course, having one is always recommended. Because the course involves a few field assignments, the students would benefit greatly from having a Demat account.

Course reviews:

  • The course duration is 3 months.
  • Weekdays batch schedules are available
  • Both online as well as classroom modes of training are available
  • Learning through experiential means
  • Faculty of Industry Experts
  • Demonstrations & Case Studies
  • Assistance in getting a job 100%
  • Exposure to Investing No-Cost EMIs in Real-Time
  • The course will last 72 hours in total.

Program fees:

The program costs 28,000 plus GST.

3. Personal finance – Zell education reviews

When it comes to personal finance programs, Zell is one of the best. The program is extremely well-structured and taught with great attention to detail. One of the major concepts of this program is learning how to make good financial decisions.

Course reviews:

  • The course will take 60 hours to complete.
  • Batch schedules are available on weekends.
  • There are online classes available.
  • Top-tier financial experts contribute to the content.
  • Expert faculty from the industry
  • a mentoring program
  • Experiential Learning Methodology
  • Case studies and live projects
  • Recordings of sessions are available in case you miss a class.
  • Workshops led by industry experts
  • EMI Options with no interest


While there aren’t many educational requirements for this course, curiosity and a strong interest in finance and accounting are required.

Assessment of the Zell Educational System

An assessment is vital because it tells you if you have succeeded in meeting the learning objectives. Graduation, position, progression, informational needs, educational program, and, at times, funding are all influenced by assessment.

To determine if students are achieving their expected results, they are evaluated frequently.ACCA, CPA, and CFA, among others, can be prepared by intensive training under their direction.Furthermore, students benefit from the course content by becoming more familiar with key concepts.

Job placement assistance offered by Zell Education

Placement assistance enhances students’ chance to acquire remarkable talents associated with their chosen subject or space to stay ahead of the competition through providing live activities and temporary work that provide adequate freedom. The institute guarantees 100 percent job placement, and you will receive notifications via email when new positions open up.

Several working professionals at reputable companies were promoted to the next level after graduation. Students were placed in reputable companies in the majority of cases.

Professional development programs offered by Zell Education. Developing and refining one’s skills, knowledge, and goals are possible with it. Moreover, it aids in improving efficiency, productivity, and overall satisfaction at work and home.You can get a job by writing a good resume. Emphasizes your most valuable skills and achievements. Shows how qualified you are for a specific job or task.If you’re looking for a career start or advancement, take this resume writing course.

Test your interview skills with a mock interview:

Candidates are given mock interview sessions so that stress can be reduced and confidence can be boosted. A networking session for corporate executives

By connecting with your cohort and alumni, they help you create new opportunities.

Case study and projects

Candidate’s are given real-time case studies and live projects, improving their efficiency

Review of the Soft skill training provided by Zell Education

Several soft skills sessions are conducted during the course to help you improve your communication, creativity, adaptability, teamwork, and work ethic.

Zell Education Training program review

The mentors are highly qualified, experienced, and top-ranking experts in their fields, and they assist all candidates in honing their abilities in their chosen courses.

Exercises will be given during preparation to keep pupils from deviating from the path. Furthermore, it provides a way for pupils to collaborate and explore new concepts. Using study hall exercises to teach learning measures is important because it empowers students and helps them meet their deadlines.

Study materials and case studies will help you fully grasp the topics since the course is hands-on. There will be one-to-one interaction during online or classroom sessions.

During training sessions with mentors and students, topics will be discussed as a way for participants to actively participate. After our questions have been answered, we will move on to another topic to gain a deeper understanding.

To ensure you fully understand everything discussed, recordings of missed sessions will be provided.According to your needs, you will be assigned batches. Students or working professionals may attend weekend classes due to their hectic schedules. The company also offers corporate training.

The overall Zell education reviews are as follows:

The Introduction to Financial Markets course from Zell Education is an excellent choice for someone new to this field. The purpose of this course is to give students an understanding of financial markets, investments, sources of funds, secondary and primary markets, fundamental and technical analysis, mutual funds, and considering that the course is an introductory one, there are no set prerequisites. If you want to enter the fast-paced, glamorous, and highly paid world of finance, then you can enroll immediately.

 By taking this course, you will be able to make an informed decision regarding whether to take the ACCA course, the CA course, or the CFA course. 

It is possible to start ACCA examinations while completing your B.Com degree. ACCA certifications are recognized worldwide and are an international alternative to CAs. This course is open to students who have graduated with 65% in mathematics or accounts and English, and 50% in the rest of the subjects in the 10+2 exams. The certification consists of 13 subject exams (divided into 3 levels) that can be acquired after passing all tests and working for three years. Once you complete all the papers successfully, you can apply for jobs in accounting, auditing, taxation, and costing at world-renowned companies. 

Several MNCs, including KPMG, Deloitte, PwC, EY, and Grant Thornton, BDO, and others are actively hiring workers with ACCA certificates. Many of these companies view ACCA as equivalent to CA based on profile, salary, and designation.

The Zell Education ACCA Institute offers the largest number of ACCA courses in India. They offer finance courses to young people. As ACCA Gold-approved learning partners, their company is certified by the organization.

CFA courses are available for graduates after they graduate. The course is perfect for B.Com graduates with a good sense of curiosity. Chartered Finance Analysts are employed in a variety of sectors, including investment, portfolio management, and wealth management. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent from a recognized university or college. Level 1 registration is available to you while you are in the last year of your degree program and Level 2 registration is available to you months after completing your degree


You’ll find remarkable opportunities in this financial domain to make a good income doing something that you’re passionate about. Financial careers are growing. People who enjoy accounting and helping individuals are needed. To be successful, it needs individuals who can solve issues with certainty and make decisions with confidence.

When considering a degree in finance, it is essential to understand if this degree fits your personality and capabilities. Think about it. 

Clearing these certification courses has many advantages. Banking, insurance, IT, software, healthcare, automobiles, professional advisory and consulting services, and various professional advisory and consultancy services are attracted to professionals with finance training. There is a rapid increase in the number of finance jobs available in these industries.

In conclusion, we may say that anyone who is seeking advancement in their financial careers or wants to be an important member of a reputable company’s finance team should certainly consider pursuing one of the courses above.

In addition to an excellent training platform and internationally recognized certification program, Zell Education offers world-class training built by industry professionals.

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