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Henry Harvin French Language Course Reviews

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I was looking out for many institutions to learn the French language and I’ve been to numerous sites that prefer to you to know which organization is better to learn French language and I saw numerous establishments offer great course curriculum yet the course fee is over the top and in certain foundations, I was not persuaded by the course curriculum and specific reviews state that we can understand the words and we can pronounce them. But there is trouble in beginning or making discussions in the French language and my persistent inquiry finished with Henry Harvin’s establishment as I felt both course curriculum and course fee is sensible and the organization has the best mentors and training methodologies.

Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Global Education organization located in Noida, India is one of the best institutes in India that offers online and offline sessions to working professionals and students. It also offers corporate training to multiple organizations. Henry Harvin is known for its excellence and quality of the content provided to the students. The organization was praised by the many famous media personalities and news channels and magazines like Hindustan times, Aajtak, Statesman, Business world and News World India, etc.

The main objective of the organization is to fill the gap between the current education system and the requirements of the Industry. It aims to make educated individuals employable.

The Henry Harvin offers multiple courses in different domains like technology, writing, management, finance, accounting, digital marketing, law, coding, HR, languages, etc.

French Language

The French language is one of the most spoken languages in the world. Around 300 million people in the world speak the French language. The French language occupies the third position as a business language after English and Chinese. The language is mostly used in international organizations like United Nations, the world trade organization, and international Olympic committee, etc.

It is also called the language of romance. Knowledge of the French language will help you to understand its rich culture and it also helps to explore more opportunities in the international market. By learning French you can also learn other languages like Spanish, Romanian, Portuguese, Italian, Vulgar Latin, etc.

The French language is the language of literature and it helps you explore fine theatre, movies, and books and you will not be able to understand or appreciate everything unless you learn the French language.

If you are a traveler, then you can visit countries like France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, and Congo, etc. learning French will help you to communicate with native French speakers in different countries.

For students, learning the French language will help them to apply for admission in French universities and schools which are ranked top among universities in the world.

# Review on Henry Harvin French Language (Course Curriculum)

Henry Harvin’s course modules are broad. The course curriculum will help you to complete all the concepts in the French language which includes reading, writing, speaking, and listening after completion of the course you will be able to make conversation with native French speakers just like them.

The course modules include A1, A2/ B1, B2/ C1, C2.

A1: this is the beginner’s level and at this level, you will be able to learn and understand basic grammar, vocabulary, and greetings in the French language

A2: this next level for beginners and in this level your will all the concept of grammar in the French language in depth which includes relative pronouns, comparison, superlative, adverbs and how to make express decision and comparisons, etc.

B1: this is the intermediate level and at this level, you will learn about the formation of sentences, and also you will be developing your skills in reading, writing, and listening.

B2: this is the next level in the intermediate level and at this level, you will be able to make conversation and will be able to express your thoughts to native French speakers.

C1: this advanced level where you will be able to speak French fluently and will be very spontaneous while forming sentences.

C2: this is the last stage in the French language course in which you will get complete knowledge of French concepts and you will be able to understand everything and you will be able to create content in the French language on your own.

#Review on Henry Harvin French language course (Training)

Training sessions are very interactive and the trainers are approachable. They are very dedicated during the sessions and are ready to answer any queries related to the topic.

Mentors are highly qualified and experience. They hold experience of above 20 years in the industry and they will give their speech and sessions in popular news channels like Ajanta and India one etc.

The trainers in henry Harvin follow a practical approach than the theoretical approach. The classes will be completely activity-based, which includes games, role play, debates, speeches, and group discussion which helps individuals to understand and learn the language quickly.

The trainer does speak French fluently and they worked with multiple organizations in the world. They will help you improve your language skills and be competent.

# Review on Henry Harvin French language course (E-learning)

Henry Harvin offers live online sessions and you will be able to access recorded video sessions, assessments, tools, and techniques.

In case if you miss any session or class then you can log in to the henry Harvin learning management system. You will get your personal user name and password for access

You can access recorded videos of your batch as well as other batches.

You will receive regular updates in your inbox.

You can conduct a self-assessment in the learning portal to check your ability.

Post completion of the course you can attend boot camp sessions for career guidance.

# Review on Henry Harvin French language course (Support and access)

Henry Harvin’s support team is very active and ready to help you in case if you face difficulties while accessing any course material or any online content.

Since it is an online course support team makes sure that you will be able to access sessions without any difficulty. Links will be sent to u before 2 hours of sessions.

Most students face issues with the user name and passwords, the support team is very quick and they will resolve issues on utmost priority.

Post completion of your course you will regular emails in case there are any webinars.

In case if you face any issues related to course, fees, or any certificates you can contact Henry

Harvin’s customer service team. They will make sure that all your issues are resolved on time.

The course coordinators are very friendly and will help will the course details.

#Course Fee

Henry Harvin’s course fee is very reasonable compared to most institutions in India. The course fee is allotted according to different levels in the French language course and the duration of the course is also included for your reference.

A1 (Beginner) – Rs. 8999/- (30 hours)

A2 (Upper Beginner) – Rs. 8999/- (30 hours)

B1 (Intermediate) – Rs. 11999/-(40 hours)

B2 (Upper Intermediate) – Rs. 11999/-(40 hours)

C1 (Advanced) – Rs. 14999/-(40 hours)

C2 (Proficient) – Rs. 14999/-(40 hours)

You can opt for any course depending upon the knowledge you have of the French language

#Refund Policy

Henry Harvin has a refund policy, in this, they will allow you to attend one session case if you didn’t like the sessions then you can request the refund amount. You need to contact the support team for the amount. They will give you the amount post receiving feedback from you.

#Henry Harvin French Language (Course Highlights)

Henry Harvin offers 9 benefits in 1 course and the benefits are training, projects, Internship, Certification, placement, E-learning, Boot camps, Hackathons, Gold Membership.

Training: the training sessions are very interactive and will make candidates participate in every activity in the session. The sessions are filled with games, fun, discussions, and debates on topics.

Projects: you will be given live projects in the French language during the sessions for better implementation in reality.

Internship: Post completion of the course you can work with henry Harvin or partnership firms to gain experience in what you have learned. It helps to boost your confidence in your specialization.

Certification: you will receive a certificate post completion of all the requirements of the course and the same can be updated in your profile for better opportunities and knowledge in the French language will add a terrific weightage to your resume.

Placement: Henry Harvin ensures 100% placement opportunities to their students and will be given career guidance during sessions.

You will get two extra modules soft skills and resume writing for free which helps you throughout your career and during interviews.

Many students who completed their course in henry Harvin are already working in different Multinational companies and reputed organizations.

E-Learning: Henry Harvin’s learning management system helps you brush up the session post completion of your course.

You can many tools, techniques and assessments, etc. in their application.

Boot camps: your will receiving boot camp sessions post completion of the course. In which weekly sessions are conducted, which helps you to develop in your career. Mostly the boot camps are conducted on topics like E-mail Writing, resume writing, emotional intelligence, and public speaking, etc.

Hackathons: you can access if there are any competitions and #ASKHenry

One Year Gold Membership: You will be part of a gold membership worth Rs. 4000/- for free in which you can access unlimited course videos, games, projects, and all the sessions from different batches.

You can enjoy free boot camp sessions for one year and you are offered multiple job opportunities for one year.


Assessment is an essential piece of direction, as it chooses if the targets of guidance are being met. Appraisal impacts decisions about grades, position, movement, instructive necessities, instructive program, and, from time to time, financing. Assessments are led routinely to comprehend whether students fulfilled the guideline results.

Career Development Programs

Henry Harvin offers career-building modules like resume writing and soft skills.

A great resume can open entrances. It orders the notification of recruiters. Sells your most grounded capacities and accomplishments. Shows how you’re qualified for a position or undertaking.

Soft skills are a blend of relationship-building abilities, social abilities, relational abilities, character mentalities, profession ascribes, social knowledge, and enthusiastic IQs that empower individuals to explore their current circumstances, cooperate with other people, perform well, and accomplish their objectives.

The organization also offers regular boot camp sessions on emotional intelligence, interview skills, Email writing, etc. By the end of the course, you will be competent to face any kind of interview and will be able to handle your job responsibilities smoothly.


The ability to communicate in French is a benefit to the global occupation market. A piece of information on French opens the entryways of French organizations in France and other French-talking portions of the world. As one of the world’s biggest economies and the main objective for the unfamiliar venture, France is a vital monetary accomplice.

Online French classes have various constructions and different plans. Some are independent and others require a specific number of illustrations to finish. In an online French class, you ought to acquire essential conversational abilities, vocabulary, formation, normal jargon words, and the right way to express French words. You will likewise get familiar with a bit about French culture. So, I think taking up a course in Henry Harvin may fulfill all your requirements to learn the French language completely.

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1. Is Henry Harvin’s institution legitimate?

Ans. Yes, Henry Harvin is a legitimate institution.

2. Does Henry Harvin provide a hard copy of the certificate?

Ans. Yes, you can apply for a hard copy on their website.

3. Are there any criteria to learn the French language in henry Harvin?

Ans. No, there is no specific criteria to learn the French language. But, you need to be aware of your level in the French language before taking up a course.

4. Does henry Harvin provide placement support after completion of the course?

Ans. Yes, Henry Harvin gives you 100% placement assistance post-completion course.

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  • The FRENCH lANGUAGE Course at Henry Harvin offers internship assistance that made me get the practical experience about the topic I needed. I can recommend Henry Harvin to any learners. Thanks for sharing informative knowledge blogs. I have learned lots of knowledge from this article.

  • I really enjoyed the class, it was interesting and well-explained. I feel like Henry Harvin helped me understand the topics better by explaining them in detail and by using examples.

  • I take a lot of courses and the first thing that pops into my head is that Henry Harvin has a way of teaching without boring us. He goes slow enough for us to understand what he is talking about but fast enough for us to even follow. He also knows how to motivate and inspire you.

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