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Top 15 Content Writing Courses in Chennai: 2023 (Don’t Ignore)

What exactly is content writing

Content writing is to write a piece of information or details for digital marketing purposes. It includes planning, writing, editing, and publishing digital content. These include blogs, articles, social media posts, web pages, ebooks, press releases, etc.

 Need of Content Writing

Content is the written material that appears on websites. Good content is necessary for the success of the business and the popularity of the web pages. Having good content on the website will increase your search engine ranking. Content helps the people to engage, communicate, and getting the required information for what they were searching for.

Content is the major factor that makes a website or webpage appear on the search engine result.

Some Details About Chennai City

Chennai, previously known as Madras is the capital city of Tamil Nadu state in India.  Chennai is among the most visited Indian city by foreign tourists. It was ranked as the 36th most visited city in the world for the year 2019.

Chennai is one of the topmost industrial and commercial hubs in South India. Chennai has a higher employment rate. There is a wide range of sectors in which jobs are available in Chennai. As information technology and software, electronics hardware, engineering procurement and construction, automobile, banking, and finance, etc., and also the content writing field is added to the list. There is an ever-growing need for qualified content writing experts in Chennai.

So, now let’s have a look at some of the institutes or centers providing content writing courses in Chennai:-

1. Henry Harvin Writing Academy

Henry Harvin is a leading organization that focuses on providing quality education. Henry Harvin institute is in the business of training, skill development, and providing higher education for the past many years. And is one of the 5 fastest growing start-ups in India by Higher Education Digest’s survey. Henry Harvin offers 100+ courses online and through classroom mode.

The content writing course from Henry Harvin ranks among the top 5 upskilling courses.  The Content Writing Course course is of 36 hours duration. And the curriculum is divided into 11 modules. It will give you knowledge about different types of writing. Like creative writing,  academic writing, copywriting, e-mail writing, skills that are used in the writing field, strategies to be used for quality writing. The course will train you to transform into a content strategist and earn online.

The course will make you learn to write 30+ content types. The up-to-date and comprehensive study material will give you an in-depth understanding of the domain. The internship opportunities are provided with Henry Harvin to give the experience of working on real industry projects. Every week job notifications are sent to the candidate.

With their E-learning access, you get the online study material, recorded videos, sessions, and assignments. Access to the Learning Management System is given. There are regular Bootcamps sessions spread over the period of 12 months.

The course will give you mentoring from award-winning trainers. Trainers of the industry are experienced professionals. They have years of experience in the content writing field.

The fees of the course are 15000/-. Other writing courses provided by the institute are:

Technical Writing Course

Medical Writing Course

Copywriting Course

2. FITA (Focus’d IT Academy)

This is the leading IT training and placement institute. They have their training centers in Chennai, Madurai, and Coimbatore. The training institute of FITA is dedicated to provide quality education to the students and also assist them to get placed in top MNC companies.

The course will give you knowledge about the type of content writing and its need, SEO-based writings, Google AdWords tools, plagiarism tools, etc. The course will make you learn about gathering the information, arranging it, editing it, and proofreading before posting it on the website.

The trainers have experience in conducting a number of classes and workshops on content writing. They are well versed with the knowledge of advanced tools and techniques in the field of content writing. And aim to familiarise students with tools and techniques for enhancing their writing skills.

The course provides flexibility in selecting the option of classes either online or classroom, morning or evening, weekdays or weekends, regular pace or fast track classes, etc. 

3. Spark Academy

  The Academy conducted various courses in different domains. As HR Training, Payroll Training, Taxation Training, GST Training, Accounting Courses, Content Writing, etc. This course is designed for all the participants to apply their learning avoiding any disruption to their existing work schedule.

This course is best suited for aspiring writers who want to make their career in writing. The course curriculum is as per industry standards. It includes fundamentals of writing, content planning, subject knowledge, Keywords usage, quality control, publishing techniques, and many other modules also included. Practical training with real-time scenarios is adopted.                                                                                                                                  

Trainers are experienced individuals having substantial experience in SEO-based content writing. The duration of the course is one month. Classes are conducted both weekdays and weekends to give the flexibility option to the working persons and students.

Placement support is provided by the academy after the completion of the course. The fees of the course are Rs.6000/-

4. Payilagam

This is a popular software training institute that is dedicated to helping the candidate learning the skill of content writing. The institute provides training on a diverse range of courses that include Java, .NET, Software Testing, PHP, Android, Ionic, Selenium, UX and UI designer, etc.

The course establishes the correct standard of performance. And covers all the basic modules that are essential for the content writing field. The syllabus covers the topics as content writing essentials, different types of writing, the writing process, effective web content writing techniques.

The institute also helps the candidate for preparing for the job, will give an opportunity to practice for the interview, and receive feedback from experts. The course will help you to acquire the expertise of a successful and efficient writer.

Payilagam enables individuals to learn practical skills that could be applied in content writing projects. The institute is committed to making you complete professional.

5. Digital Academy 360

This is one of the popular institutes in India offering courses in digital marketing, content writing, graphic designing, web design courses in Chennai. The course will make you learn the art of copywriting, blogging, technical writing, and other important types of writing.

The course will give you knowledge about the basic skill required to develop new content. The curriculum of the course adheres to a detailed syllabus in content writing. It will provide you the training from basic to advanced level. The academy will give you the experience of working on practical projects, industry-based case studies.

The trainers are industry expert who is very skilled and much familiar with the industry requirements and trains them accordingly to help them getting the job or working as a professional content writer.

100% placement assistance is provided to the students. Guidance is also provided about the jobs, interviews, and career opportunities after the completion of the course.

6. Zuan Education

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The content writing course trains students to give the best marketing content. The course will help you to focus on the important strategies, plans and apply the best practices in the writing field. It will give you knowledge in the use of the word power to spread information and will help you to gain expertise in content marketing.

The course curriculum covers the important modules which are helpful for learning and increasing understanding of content writing. It gives a detailed understanding of the concept of Content Strategy and Challenges, Blog Marketing, Article and Press Release Marketing, Email Marketing, Event Marketing, etc.

Online and classroom training courses are available for the learners. It gives training to the candidate to get a placement in the leading companies.   

The course is conducted by industry expert faculties. And its duration is 20 hours. For providing practical experience Live project training is given by the trainers. The fees for the classroom session are 6,999.

7. Adwants Digimac

This Digital Marketing Institute is one of the two Ireland partners and Licensee in South India. It is an IAC( Industry Advisory Council) approved course provider in Chennai. They provide courses in various domains as Content Writing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Affiliate marketing.

The course curriculum focuses on the modules as Blog writing, Email marketing, Importance of SEO and SEO friendly content, Improving English grammar, introduction to technical writing, etc. that will give you an in-depth understanding of content writing.

The course is of 15 hours duration. And the classes are conducted either online and in a classroom mode. In the course, you will be given writing assignments to practice different forms of content writing. Also, useful tips and tricks are given to improve grammar and language skills.

The course will help you understand how to approach various forms of writing techniques and will provide in-depth knowledge about the domain to the students.

The course is of 15 hours duration. And the classes are conducted either online and in a classroom mode. In the course, you will be given writing assignments to practice different forms of content writing. Also, useful tips and tricks are given to improve grammar and language skills.

The course will help you understand how to approach various forms of writing techniques and will provide in-depth knowledge about the domain to the students.

8. Newcent Training Academy(NTA)

This is one of the popular training academies in Chennai. NTA offers several courses that are designed in a way for helping the candidate to gain advanced skills and also to train the learner to get a job. NTA provides training on the latest industry norms, standards, and technology.

The course offered by NTA are distance learning and also at some locations classroom courses are available. The course will guide you about your writing skill to be in sync with the need of the industry and helps in writing crisp and persuasive content.

The instructor makes the learner understand the comprehensive knowledge of the subject. And giving them more and more skills and capabilities to be efficient and useful in the industry.

The course is offered by Distance learning mode, Classroom course, and Direct certification. The fees of the distance learning course are 15000/-. With a time duration of 8 weeks to complete the course. The fee of the Classroom course is 28000/-. And the time to complete the course is 8 weeks and more.

9. NestSoft

This is the leading training institute for content writing in Chennai. The course will help in improving the writing skill of the learner and enhancing their career. And will assist the learner in providing job-oriented training with affordable fees.

The industry is established in Chennai for the past 18 years. The course curriculum is relevant to the industry standard in content writing. It covers the modules as Essentials of writing, important points to be familiar with before you start writing, writing correctly, after you write publishing the work, etc.

Also, the live project training is provided by the institute to give the hands-on-experience to the candidates. Trainers are industry experts and give the perfect guidance to the learners in the content writing field.

The course will give you the ability to create better content. Information about the various tools used in content writing is also provided throughout the course.          

On completion of the course, the certificate is provided by the institute.

10. Prism Network

The training center was established in 2012. They provide training in various services as  ITES services, training, and placement, content development services, etc. The services are approved by MSME, Government of India, Chennai.

There are many job-oriented courses in which training is provided. As Basic computer course, MS-Office, Creative Writing, Proposal Writing, Technical Writing, etc.

The institute helps the candidates for the placement by organizing soft-skill programs, interview panels and helps in building massive placement opportunities for the candidates.   

11. Skillsion

The content writing training program at Skillsion focuses on the current trends adopted in the diverse field of content writing and provides training to candidates in different styles of content writing.

The classes are delivered in different modes. As classroom-based, Online classes, and self-paced online classes. The course will develop your writing skills in technical writing, social media writing, SEO writing, copywriting, etc.

The course is designed to address the current trends in content writing and covers all the essential aspects of the writing field. The fees of the course are Rs.21000/-


The Quaide Milleth International Academy of Media Studies provides courses that are flexible and tailored to meet the needs of the rapidly evolving media industry.

The Academy provides a certificate course in content writing. The course will give you the skills and techniques that are essentially required in content writing.

The course curriculum is divided into a variety of modules that gives knowledge about important topics as goals of writing, content formats, content vs journalism, content structure, activity, etc.

The course is of 30 hrs duration and fees of the course are Rs.15,000.      

13.ECT( Education & Career Times)

This is the premier training institute recognized by the Government of India. The institute is headquartered in Delhi, ECT, and has trained participants from multiple organizations across the world.

The institute will help the student to identify and follow the right career path. The course is of the duration of 3 months. It provides 32-hours of Classroom/ Online training and 50 hours of eLearning material and 60 hours of video lectures.     

The course will develop the sound vocabulary and language skills of the learner and transform their writing style. The fees of the course are INR 15,000.ECT content writing course will give you the knowledge in learning different writing styles, working on live projects, and get training from expert professionals.

14. Skill Upgrader

The academy has developed a comprehensive content writing course online. The course will make you learn how to write content and improve your writing skill. The course is established with industry expert guidance and approved by major companies.

The course modules are well structured and offer Certified & SEO -friendly content writing and offers an in-depth analysis of the writing field.

The curriculum of the course is divided into 15 modules. Giving knowledge about web hosting, website creation, understand the writing process, search engine optimization, content creation, and also other important modules. Also, 70+ Hrs of hands-on assignments are provided. Knowledge about various tools used in content writing is provided in the course.

Skill upgrader features all the essential resources and skills that are needed to create a strong career background in the job market.

15. Online Idea Lab

This is one of the best online content writing courses that can be pursued from anywhere in the world.

The course is based on activities and assignments that will give you the knowledge of concepts through practice. The course focuses on three main aspects of content writing as content research, content writing, and content promotion.

Knowledge about the topics like Digital marketing fundamentals, reading and analyzing content, content writing and ethics, proofreading and editing, freelancing as a content writer, etc. are given through the course.

Trainers are experts in the field and provide the skills, knowledge, and guidance to start a perfect career in content writing.

Thus, these are the popular training centres providing content writing certification courses in Chennai.

Role of Content Writer

As content plays an important role in connecting with your audience. Thus, the content writer has to write high-quality content that is impressive and is engaging. Another important milestone for a content writer is to submit the content on time. The writer must be able to write a variety of content for a different purpose. That includes product description, product review, content for digital media and print media, etc.  

Scope of Content Writing

Content writing has tremendous scope in India. It is a challenging but rewarding career option. However, there is high competition in this field but after polishing the skill a great career can be made in this field. Having decent writing skills and consistent practice is the essential and important criteria for being successful in the writing field.  

There is a higher scope of content writing in some cities in India like Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Noida, Kolkata, Indore.  

Benefits of Content Writing

For performing the digital marketing process on the website content is necessary. So, let’s look upon some benefits related to this field:

If you know how to write good content you can work full-time or part-time and also as a freelance content writer.

 If you own a blog or website content writing skills will help you in saving lots of money as then you don’t have to pay other writers, to get articles for your blog or website.

Learning content writing enables you to do wide research before writing for any topic so that only relevant and proven information is provided to the readers.

Content writing gives creativity to your thoughts. Writing with interesting facts and figures develops your content in a manner that will engage readers.

Content writing improves your vocabulary. It gives the knowledge of the perfect arrangement of sentences and using simple language to convey the information.

Writing good content help in the publicity of your business and also contributes to upkeeping your website or blog.

Why opt for a content writing course

So, if it is decided that Content Writing is a suitable profession for you, then the next major decision is to opt for a content writing course. For enhancing your writing skill, to know about the effective tools and methods used in this field it is recommended to join the best content writing training program.

The course will give you the skill to translate thoughts into words.

The majority of the courses also give the knowledge of website making to the learner. So that their personal blog is made. So that their portfolio of work is ready to apply for the jobs.

The content writing course will improve your research skill. It will make you learn to do the proper research within less span of time.

The content writing course will make proper use of the right keywords and phrases so that the content is on the top ranking of the search page.

However, it is not necessary but it is a good idea to join the content writing training program to gain expertise and add value to your job profile.

Thus, having the certification in content writing is proof that the person has in-depth knowledge of the field. And has acquired the necessary skill to work as a content writer. Also getting the certification in content writing opens up a wide scope of career opportunities.


Content writing skill is in high demand. And Chennai is one of the developed cities in the country which supports a number of skill-based training institutes and courses. Making the skill of content writing a widely accepted career option in this metropolitan city.

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1. What is the need for Content Writing?

Ans. You need Content Writing because Content is the written element that seems on websites. Proper content is essential for the success of the industry and the vogue of the web pages. Having good content on the website will improve your search engine ranking. Content enables the people to engage, communicate, and get the basic information for what they were surveying for.

2. What are the common errors Content Writers make?

Ans. Writing lengthy sentences and using a lot of fancy phrases for the write-ups.

3. Is the content writing business opportunistic?

Ans- Indeed yes! The content writing traffic is very opportunistic and evolving at a remarkable pace. The standard payouts for content writers are very fortunate in organizations, and the freelancing space is also very active lately.

4. Are certificates significant for Content Writing?

Ans. Yes, certificates are significant, and the importance of the certificate relies on the institution issuing the certificate. One of the most prominent certifications in content writing is the Henry Harvin content writing certification.

. 5. What is the fee for the Content Writing Course?

Ans. A higher rating content writing course fee can be somewhere between 10k-20k. Do your analysis well and only if it thumps all the boxes on your list then you register in a content writing course.

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