Edupristine Review

Edupristine Reviews

Established in 2008, Edupristine offers 25 courses and has trained over 15,000 people.

There are just 12 days of full-time study in this course. Most of the content can be learned in that amount of time. Students must also complete a live project on a website on the last day of the course. Courses are held in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Pune. An offline course is also offered.

Their training includes programs for CPAs, CMAs, ACCAs, CFAs, and FRMs. Both classroom and online learning solutions are provided. Let’s see the course details and the review of Edupristine. 

Edupristine Reviews

CPA Courses

Adtalem Global Education, a global education provider with headquarters in the United States, owns Becker Professional Education. Their training and teaching methods are world-class. The goal at EduPristine is to be your best resource for all of your educational needs. Whether it’s taking your US CPA exams or obtaining your license, you can get training on soft skills as well as placement assistance.

Due to an increasing number of foreign companies established in India and Indian companies going Global, an individual who understands Foreign Accounting Principles & Standards will find the US CPA an essential qualification in the finance and accounting industry.

US CPA program certification can lead to a wide variety of careers in accounting. Some current hot areas in accounting include Consulting Services, Internal & External Auditing, Assurance Services, Tax & Financial Planning, Forensic Accounting, International Accounting.

US Certified Management Accountant (US CMA)

Accountants and finance professionals who obtain the CMA designation receive a global passport to work anywhere. Over 125,000 members from 140 countries and 300 chapters make up the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), USA. US CMA training provided by EduPristine includes soft skills training, exam preparation, and career services.

US CMA: What is it?

An accountant who is certified by a professional body is called a CMA. The CMA program is a specialization in Management Accounting that trains students in the skills required by the field. An institute based in the United States awards the US CMA designation, a highly regarded designation worldwide. Since Management Accounting is different from Financial Accounting, CMA certification requires specialized training.

In addition to making crucial decisions and safeguarding a company’s integrity, management accountants are also responsible for the sustainability of an organization. Over 140,000 members of the IMA participate in its professional CMA training in 150 countries. Management accounting professionals will be pleased to know that the IMA is one of the field’s largest and most trusted associations.

Program of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

The ACCA is a globally recognized, in-demand credential and gold partner with ACCA. They provide experiential training under the guidance of industry professionals through practice-oriented pedagogy. 

The ACCA stands for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, a British accounting body. There are 14 Chartered Certified Accountants in the ACCA, which is its regulatory body. The ACCA course prepares candidates in financial and management accounting, as well as general accounting skills. A total of 233,000 ACCA members and 536,000 students apply annually.

Taxation and Business Accounting Postgraduate Program

It is a practical and experiential education course that develops professionals ready for the world of business. The structure, design, and curate the modules of the program with industry experts who have years of experience in both accounting and taxation.

What is the PGP-BAT?

Every company has an accountant, regardless of its industry. With an increasing amount of competition, it is becoming more and more essential for candidates to know the Industry methodology as well as crucial accounting tools from a conventional graduation degree. These parameters are considered when designing the Post Graduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation, which trains students on industry-specific skills that prepare them for a successful career.

PGP-BAT: To whom is it intended?

 Students at the graduation stage who are looking to learn accounting tools and skills in demand

Job seekers who have 0-2 years experience looking for a high profile office-based job that will upskill them

Individuals looking to acquire the most critical accounting tools that are essential to success

PGP-BAT Duration

For the Post Graduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation, it usually takes a minimum of five months to complete.

Eligibility for PGP-BAT

PGPG in Business Accounting and Taxation is especially beneficial to freshers with a Commerce background.

Program for CFA®

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

The CFA® Exam Preparatory Program is an in-depth, exam-focused, and easy-to-learn training program designed to help candidates thoroughly understand the CFA® Program. With the program, students are allowed to pass exams after studying real-world examples and case studies. With the CFA® Program, you’ll become a globally recognized professional in finance, and becoming a CFA® Charterholder marks your significant first step in your career.

CFA® Program: What is it?

The CFA Institute in the United States offers the CFA® Program. This program is offered in more than 165 countries worldwide. This course trains the candidate in all areas of finance, from analyzing, estimating, or forecasting a company’s future performance to managing the company’s finances. Among the top finance designations, the CFA® Charter is considered the most prestigious. With extensive knowledge in finance, the CFA® Program is an excellent career choice for Finance aspirants.

What is the CFA® Program?

There are ten critical topics covered in the CFA program, including ethics, quantitative methods, economics, financial reporting and analysis compliant with international standards, calculation of taxes, debt, global operations, corporate finance, equity investments, equity portfolios, performance measurements, fixed income, and valuation measurement.

Level I CFA®

Portfolios are created using various topics such as equity, derivatives, etc., in the program. In February, May, August, and November, the Level I CFA® Exam is offered. Each of the 180 MCQs requires two sessions of 15 minutes and 90 questions.

Level II CFA®

For asset valuation, the program emphasizes using various tools, such as quantitative analysis and portfolio analysis. This exam consists of 88 MCQs (44 questions, over a two-session period of 2 hours 15 minutes).

Level III CFA®

Portfolio Management and different strategies for creating specific portfolios for individuals and institutions are significant focuses of the program. May and November are the dates when the CFA® Level III Exams are offered. The test includes 9 – 12 essay-type questions and 44 multi-choice questions (2 sessions lasting 2 hours 15 minutes each).

Financial Modeling course:

Through the Financial Modeling course, candidates will learn how to develop Financial Models that can be used by the organization to track performance, forecast, and budget, assess risks, and evaluate the organization. In this course, candidates will create simple financial models as well as complex financial models using Excel. Candidates will be able to grasp the application of concepts through thorough practice with case studies.

Eligibility for Financial Modeling Courses

To pursue a Financial modeling course, there is no minimum qualification requirement. Financial Model is a challenging course, but students with an economic background will have an easier time understanding it due to its complexity.

FRM course:

This is the only Risk Management course that covers all aspects in depth. It is known as FRM for Financial Risk Manager. The Global Association of Risk Professionals offers the designation of Financial Risk Manager. Almost every industry recognizes the importance of risk identification, evaluation, and management and has a high demand for FRM-certified candidates.

FRM training prepares the candidate to make informed risk decisions. They hold the expertise and commitment to better risk management practices, which makes them stand out among their peers. The GARPS provides the FRM course to over 150,000 members in over 190 countries. To keep up to date with risk education, GARP offers Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programs.

Digital Marketing Course

There is a massive demand for digital marketing. According to Goldman Sachs, the Indian digital marketing market will be worth USD 160 billion (Rs 11,90,311 crore) by 2025. Furthermore, by 2021, India is expected to spend Rs 25,000 crores on digital advertising.

Consequently, Digital Marketing has a considerable shortage of skilled experts who can start working immediately. This implies that digital marketers who enter the field now will be in high demand. EduPristine has developed a solution for you and has designed its program to assist from placement assistance to skill-based training. From the moment you join the program, you will be ready for a job.

A digital marketing course taught by Edupristine consists of more than 25 modules covered in 100 hours of hands-on experience. During the period, students gain hands-on knowledge of over 40 industry-referenced tools.

An online exam is required at the end of the program, based on which a certificate is issued. As part of the Microsoft IT Academy Program, students who score more than 50 percent on the exam receive a Certificate of Excellence.

We have discussed the courses offered by Edupristine. Coming to the Edupristine reviews, let’s discuss the importance of it. 

Advantages of Edupristine:

  • Content geared toward exams
  • Professional training by qualified individuals
  • Testing for pre-exam evaluation
  • Forums are available 24×7
  • Engagement after Coursework (ACE)
  • Training for soft skills
  • Providing career guidance tailored to each individual
  • Assistance with placement
  • eLearning Solutions
  • Creates skilled individuals with industrial acceptance and polished skill sets. 
  • A fundamental tenet underpinning these efforts is the handpicking of the best faculty to mentor the best educational practices.
  • EduPristine Offers Unparalleled Customer Support:
  •  Assistance in evaluating, obtaining a license, applying for a job, and getting a visa
  •  The best advice in using for and booking a visa
  •  Booking assistance for US CPA exams at Prometric centers
  •  Assistance with obtaining your copy of the NTS during exam registration
  •  After passing the CPA exams, assistance in obtaining the US CPA license
  •  Following completion of the exam, Career Services are available
  •  Students are assigned a mentor for 24*7 support during the program
  •  With more than 50000 alumni, EduPristine boasts a proud alumni association.
  •  In about 15 new centers, the company has a well-knit network

Disadvantages of Edupristine:

To be honest, we haven’t heard much negative feedback about Edupristine. On the contrary, reviews of the course are generally positive, and there are no significant negative points. One reviewer, however, lamented that little content marketing was covered in the curriculum. Besides this negative review, we did not find any other reasons to be unhappy with the course.

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