Simplilearn Reviews

Simplilearn Reviews


Simplilearn is the world’s leading certification training provider. To address the unique needs of individuals, offering training and coaching that avail working professionals to achieve the career goals, Simplilearn partnered with companies. It is the world’s #1  online boot camp for digital economy skills training. It is focused to help people and acquiring the skills they need to thrive in the digital economy. They offer online training in regiment such as cyber security, cloud computing, project management, Digital Marketing, and data science, among others. They were specialized in technologies and best practices that are changing rapidly.

They guided two million professionals and companies across 150 countries and they got trained and acquired certifications and upskill the employees. And the training is based in SanFranciso, California, and Bangalore, India.

Simplilearn Reviews

Simplilearn award-winning online boot camps are well-designed. It is updated by 2000+ illustrious industries and academic experts. They provide millions of professionals and thousands of corporate training organizations through individual courses comprehensive certification programs.85 percentage of learners reported career benefits. They train the learner with the work-ready skills which need to excel in the career. The highlight of the Simplilearn training institute is their practical and applied approach, more than 1500 live classes each month real-world projects. 

Trending postgraduate programs and master certification courses of Simplilearn.

  1. Project Management Certification Course
  2. Cyber security Certification course
  3. Data Science Bootcamp program
  4. Data Analytics Bootcamp Program
  5. Business Analysis Certification Course 
  6. Agile Certification Course
  7. Digital Marketing Certification Program
  8. Lean Six Sigma Certification Course 
  9. DevOps Certification Course 
  10. Cloud computing certification course 
  11. Data Engineering Course 
  12. AI and Machine Learning course
  13. Full-stack web Development course

Why Simplilearn ?

Focused Learning objectives of Simplilearn

Simplilearn Post Graduate program in Data Science helps to master the industry demand skills. This course includes hypothesis testing to decision trees and regression models to the recommendation engines. Even IBM has predicted the demand for Data scientists will increase by 28 percentage. . Keeping in mind the soaring demand for these cutting-edge skills, the Post Graduate Program in Data Science enfolds and curated to provide extensive Data Science training, with online instructor-led classes and self-paced learning co-developed and in collaboration with IBM. The program ends with a capstone project designed to strengthen the learning by building a real industry product enclosed with all the key aspects learned throughout the program.

Showcase the Expertise with Industry Capstone Projects

The post-graduate in Data Science includes industry-based projects and real-life projects. There are different domain master concepts of Data Science and Big data. Simplilearn conducts dedicated mentor classes to create a high-class industry project. It solves a real-world problem leveraging the skills and technologies learned in the program. The capstone project will be enclosed with all the key aspects of data extraction, visualization, model building, and tuning. The learner has the option of choosing the domain in which the learners want to work. After the complete submission of the project, the learner will be awarded a capstone certificate that can be exhibited as a testament to their learning.

Job Assist program of simplilearn is to keep ahead of the game

It is India’s specific offering program and it is partnered with IIM program provides great support to the certified learner. and the person who is looking for a job switch or starting with the first job. After the completion of this program, the learners were eligible to apply for the IIM jobs. As part of this program, IIM jobs will provide exclusive programs like IIM Jobs Pro-Membership for 6 months, Resume Building Assistance, Career Mentoring, Interview Preparation, Career Fairs.

Online Bootcamp and certificates from Simplilearn and Purdue University

The Postgraduate Program in Data Science is in partnership with Purdue University, It is one of the world’s leading research and teaching institutions. It provides higher education at the highest proven value. After successful completion of this post-graduate program, the learner will receive a joint Purdue-Simplilearn certification. They will also become entitled to membership in the Purdue University Alumni Association. Talk about it on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, boost your resume, or frame it – tell your friends and colleagues about it.

Five reasons to get a certificate from Simplilearn

  • Get Noticedand Get Hired

Students who are breaking out into a new career look and they can stand out from other graduates when they have additional qualifications along with their four degrees. The certification with Simplilearn has an impression on the resume because it tells that they are dedicated and willing to put in the time and effort. Employers do notice education, and it matters to them. Often, validation of the credentials makes a   learner a stronger candidate. The learners looking to change careers demonstrate to a potential employer that they have knowledge of the field.

  • Skills Beyond the Curriculum

Pursuing a post-graduate degree also signifies more than the skills they are learning as part of the curriculum. A post-graduate degree can also manifest that they have soft skills as well.

Unlike when they are enrolled in college, they are going to have a wider variety of connections in a post-graduate program. The learners enrolled in an advanced degree program and exposes to a wide range of new experiences. Most postgraduate programs requiring group work will improve team building and critical thinking skills in an environment different from one in which they have learned before. This shows that they are capable of adapting to changing circumstances, another valuable soft skill. Each of these aspects translates into soft skills that the learner will take with them into the career. If the learner is new to the workforce, they will have a more advanced concept of what is expected in a work environment and how to handle it.  

  •  The Salary Hike

Pursuing a post-graduate program was likely to get a provides at the higher end of the salary. It can expect to earn. A data scientist can build their portfolio and can signify their skills can expect to earn a decent salary.

  • Flexibility

A post-graduate program and master,s programmers are advanced degrees that have different sets of requirements. The period of time committed to complete a post-graduate program is less than a master.s degree. A postgraduate can be completed in a year while a masters can be completed in two years.

  • Affordability

  In most places, Paying for education is expensive. Postgraduate programs only require a set number of courses and it is priced as one program or per credit hour. The cost of a program will not be a factor when the program secures the future. After completing a postgraduate program  they can expect a 25 percent increase in the salary with this certification, in a way it means they can earn back their investment within the first year of the program  


Simplilearn courses are a very worthwhile pursuit in today,s competitive world. simplilearn courses are a solid investment for future and career. A post-graduate degree is a very clear pathway to obtaining the skills they need at an accelerated rate and an affordable price tag. The well-designed curriculum is worth the money which we invest. Try a postgraduate program and take a leap with Simplilearn certification and post-graduate programs which have a partnership with Purdue University.

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  • SimpliLearn is a waste of time and money.

    (1) The training was very inconsistent.
    (2) When I wanted to enroll to take the exam, SimpliLearn asked me for my ISACA username and password instead of providing a voucher. Highly unethical. Why would a company ever ask for another company’s login credentials?
    (3) When I asked for a refund, they dragged it out for over 5 months. I was only partially refunded.
    (4) Overseas support was not helpful.

    I have been to many training courses and this was by far the worst.

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