Top 10 GST Courses In Bangalore: 2023 (Don’t Ignore)

The Goods and Services Tax, or the GST, is the amalgamation of numerous state and central government taxes into an introverted tax. 

This courageous reform has enhanced tax administration efficiency and withstands the constraints of the subtle t taxation configuration.

For undergraduate and postgraduate commerce pupils and learners of management, business studies, or working consultants, the GST training opens up many prospects and reinforces significance to their existing abilities and resume.

Today, we procure you a list of the top 10 institutes delivering GST training in Bangalore.

1.Henry Harvin Accounts Academy ; Best GST Course in Bangalore

Henry Harvin is an organization that delivers multiple programs on skill development. With a fundamental emphasis on quality production, the organization has acquainted 23000+ pupils hence far. The organization delivers programs catering to a volume of job profiles.

The organization has programs for MBA, Engineering, for graduates, trade, finance programs, programs for lawyers, physicians, as well as programs for the finance/accounts/taxation business.

Salient Features :

  • Current Program: GST practitioner certification program 
  • Duration: classroom workout and online workout both for 32 hours
  • Program Fee: INR 9500/-
  • Learning Resources: It is 100% practical training with a free 1-year membership in the finance organization worth 4k. Taped videos, monthly brush up sessions, interview abilities, and employment assistance are all-inclusive in training
  • Course Coverage: This certified program wraps the tardiness and trending principles as well as the exotic prerequisites. Similarly, there are live experiments and a guaranteed internship
  • Aspirants get an industry-recognised credential essential from an employment viewpoint

2. RIA Institute Of Technology ; Top GST Course in Bangalore

RIA Institute of Technology is a dominating academy delivering language training, IT training, software, networking and programming, accounting, non-IT, and even GST training in Bangalore.

Through their training procedures, the RIA Institute of the technology enables learners and working consultants to intensify their proficiency and grow in their careers.

At RIA Institute of Technology, nominees can predict 100% practical training, flexible timings, corporate trainers, and even placement allowance.

Salient Features:

 Program Name:

  • Professional course-diploma in goods and services tax
  • Certification in GST – beginner course
  • Intermediate course-diploma in GST
  • GST in TALLY.ERP 9


  • The professional course and beginner course impose 10+2 or similar eligibility.
  • Aspirants need to complete the beginner course for the intermediate course.
  • The eligibility for GST in Tally. ERP9 is also 10+2 or synonymous.


  • The professional course is inclusive, wrapping all facets of GST. While the beginner course comprises 15 modules, the intermediate has 12 modules, and the GST in Tally has nine modules.
  • Some of the necessary modules entail a preface, types of GST, enrollment, job work, input tax credit, GST portal, E-way bill, tax rates and categories, recording of GST local and interstate possession, creating tax ledgers, and so on.

GST course duration:

  • The professional course is for 70-120 hours.
  • The beginner course is for 24-40 hours.
  • The intermediate course has a total of 60 hours of classroom training.
  • The GST in Tally.ERP9 course has about 18-30 hours of classroom training.
  • Diploma: aspirants get solitary participation certificates for each of the programs.

Added Benefits: The trainer has 10+ years of work experience. Distant from that, aspirants receive 45 hours of job-oriented training with real-time training as well.

3. Mytectra : Best Training Centre for GST course in Bangalore

Electra is a global learning solutions company comprehended for its superiority in the training assistance industry. 

With over six years of knowledge in the training sector, it assists to remake people and institutions by upskilling them.

The institute proposes online, classroom, and corporate training with 24×7 on-demand assistance.

MyTectra delivers technology and business programs to learners and experts across the globe. 

Of the several popular programs, MyTectra offers IT courses, leadership programs, business courses, digital marketing, and even GST training in Bangalore. 

Therefore, The programs are attainable even for nominees from other towns through online training.

Salient Features:

Program Name: GST Certified Professional Training

This course is attainable as a classroom program.

Syllabus: The program summary is as follows:

  • Overture to Goods & Services Tax
  • The provision of GST law and its consequence on the existing accounting
  • Thorough understanding of CSGT, SGST, and IGST
  • Chargeability of CSGT, SGST, and IGST
  • Productive ways to the enactment
  • Profitable planning & suggestions to be GST ready
  • Induct Rules by CBEC
  • Interrogation Resolution, which is an open house Q&A.

Certification: Certificate of course completion.

Added Benefits: High-quality training, top technical trainers, comprehensive course curriculum, internship on a real-time program, personal guide, creative, interactive, and above all, 100% placement allowance are vital advantages of this program.

4. CFO Next ; Best Training centre For GST course in Bangalore

CFO next is a learning center and training center for the ACCA and several other worldwide analysis credentials. 

The academy delivers training to learners, consultants, as well as firms.

The academy includes a team of trained experts giving suggestions and backing to the next era of CFOs.

They guide learners for exams like the ACCA, CMA, CFA, CPA, CLAT, and IFRS and even furnish GST training in Bangalore.

Salient Features:

Program Name: GST Course Training

Eligibility: least qualification is the 12th pass in any profession.

GST course fees: The program has three graduating degrees. The beginner’s course is INR 999. The practitioner’s course is INR 2999, and the advanced certification program is INR 4999.

Syllabus: various graduating levels have a varied syllabus.

The level one GST beginners course is an understanding of the theory of GST and includes:

  • Legislation GST amendment act
  • GST council & other areas
  • Key descriptions
  • Other descriptions
  • Management of GST matters
  • Tax & compilation of taxes under GST law
  • Composition toll of GST
  • Time of allowance
  • Value of allowance
  • Descriptions on time & value of the reserve
  • Payment of tax
  • Refund of tax

Level two, GST practitioners program, pacts with main factors and compliances that includes:

  • Input tax credit
  • Enrollment
  • Amendment & revocation of enrollment
  • Tax invoice, credit, and debit statements
  • Accounts & records
  • Refunds
  • Appraisal
  • Audit
  • Analysis, search, seizure, and arrest
  • Evolution key aspects
  • Transition and other components

The level three, advanced certification course formulates aspirants for a job in GST and it  includes:

  • Mandate of GST
  • Retrieval of GST
  • Liability to pay in some instances
  • Advance ruling
  • Appeals & amendment
  • GST appellate authority
  • Offences & penalties
  • Seizure & appropriation of welfares
  • Litigation & compounding of offences
  • Job work procedure
  • Documentary evidence
  • GST Portal & submission rating
  • Information by a civil attendant
  • Anti-profiteering
  • Place of allowance under IGST Law
  • IGST other requirements
  • Reimbursement to States Act & Miscellaneous

Certification: The conclusive certificate is attainable only for aspirants finalizing level three of the program.

Added Benefits: Each module is affluent in content with downloadable memoranda and knowledge assessments. The program content is up-to-date and pertinent.

5. GST Training Bangalore : Top institute For GST course in Bangalore

GST Training Bangalore, Cosmic IT Services, is a learning junction for all the accounts and finance candidates. 

A dominant alliance and ISO 9001:2015 certified company; it furnishes quality GST training in Bangalore.

The teachers are professionals with logical proficiency of over 16 years in Indian and US analysis. The program is also a recognized skills advancement program.

Salient Features:

Program Name: diploma in goods and Service course-weekend program 

GST course fees: the program fee of this GST workshop is INR 6,000/-

Curriculum: the program wraps peaks of goods and services tax and comprises 15 divisions which are:

  • Overture and essential elements of GST
  • Registering to the goods and service tax
  • Tariff and compilation of tax
  • Agendas in golden and services tax
  • Extent of allowance
  • Time of allowance
  • Composition strategy
  • Valuation of allowance and various valuation rules
  • Input tax credit
  • E-Way Bill
  • Documents configuration as per good & services tax
  • Supervision of books of accounts
  • Returns-New module
  • Other equipment in the GSTN portal
  • Reimbursements

GST course duration: this GST workshop is a weekend program of two days.

Certification: post two days of appraisal training, aspirants are qualified for the certificate from MSME but with an extra charge of INR 3500/-

6. Innovation Institute ; top institute For GST course in Bangalore

Innovation is a training academy that mainly delivers MS office training in Bangalore. 

It has also been modified into furnishing advanced excel, C, C++, web design, graphic design, and even Tally with GST training in Bangalore. 

With its professionalism and integrity of assistance, it frequently aspires for superiority in all divisions.

The program’s Innovation gives a foundation for a prosperous career. 

At Innovation, every learner has adequate alternatives for a one-on-one with the trainers as the assortment extent is no more than eight pupils.

Salient Features:

Program Name: tally.ERP 9 with GST Training

Eligibility: the least qualification is intermediate.

Curriculum: the syllabus is massive, comprising the A-Z of tally and also all understandings of GST. You can search the website for details of modules.

Certification: aspirants get a certificate of course culmination.

Added Benefits: mentors are tally certified, industry specialists.

 Hands-on knowledge in tally 9 with developed GST characteristics, latest study element, free software induction, real-time case studies, and interview practice and advice, all privileges of a GST training is bestowed in Innovation Institute Bangalore.

7. Technovids : Top GST Certification Courses In Bangalore

Technovids is a knowledge-oriented training firm devoted to providing outstanding consulting and training assistance. 

The institute provides online, classroom, and corporate training. The program syllabus is always remodeled, and they interpret the promising industry practices.

Some of the programs at Technovids contain those of DevOps, data science, big data analytics, digital marketing, cloud computing, agile and scrum, and even GST training in Bangalore.

Technovids offers 150+ programs in 51 distinct subject areas, and all in a technique that is effective, promoting easy learning.

Salient Features:

Program Name: tally.ERP 9 with GST

Eligibility: Anyone with fundamental analysis knowledge.

GST course fees: the program fee is INR 10,000.

Curriculum: The listed syllabus of this program is extensive of the following modules:

  • Getting functional with TALLY.ERP9
  • Firm Info
  • Set-Up of reports
  • Index, Items and goods, commodity
  • Features of the Tally.ERP9 and their usages
  • Value-added tariff
  • Accounting acknowledgements in Tally.ERP9
  • Broadcasting
  • MIS and other documents
  • ERP9 utility
  • Short-cut tips
  • Corporate analysis module.
  • GST, diverse methods of GST enactment
  • Precocious access, GST adjustment, retrieval filing, etc.

GST program duration: The program has 50 hours of classroom training and holds about one and a half to two months.

Certification: course completion certificate.

Added Benefits: a thorough proficiency of tally.ERP 9 software and job placement advice are bonuses of learning at Techno Vids.

8. GST Masterclass : Best GST Practitioner Course In Bangalore

The GST MasterClass, as the term indicates, gives a practical and hands-on understanding of GST training in Bangalore. 

It undertakes training for entrepreneurs, start-ups, small business holders, accountants, freelancers, and dominant specialists about all facets and beliefs of GST.

The GST MasterClass training procession offers short-term logical advice with hands-on training for learners, job seekers, and even tax specialists. 

The cherry on the fritter is learning from trained GST practitioners. 

They also deliver corporate GST training in Bangalore and other towns across India like Hyderabad, Delhi, Gurgaon, Kolkata, and Chennai. 

The website has a host of valuable reserves in the aspect of acts and rules, circulars, various FAQs, and the latest notifications.

Salient Features:

Program Name: GST Masterclass course

Eligibility: Individuals, accountants, entrepreneurs, freelancers, lawyers, and tax specialists.

GST course fees: INR 5000/-

Curriculum: the masterclass gives an all-around awareness of:

  • GST law and statutes
  • Implementation, observation, and enforcement issues.
  • Model goods and services tax law and key requirements
  • Comprehending the consequence of GST on the functioning of institutions and the differences in business procedures to conform with the new law.
  • GST observance characteristics, registration, expenditure, returns, and reimbursements.
  • Willingness and undertakings of GST for companies.

GST course duration: It is an intensive training of 20 hours for a month on weekends, two hours per session.

9. Excellr : Top GST Practitioner Course In Bangalore

Excel is a vocational training institute furnishing accounts and finance-related programs with logical exposure, allowing the learners to meet industry probabilities. 

Through each of their classes, Excellr strives to link the gap between proficiency and abilities in the industry within a short interval to encourage pupils and specialists in their career goals.

The programs at Excel are either beginner, progressed, or common courses. 

While the common courses are those of soft skills, beginner and developed encompass those of accounting, Tally, TDS, HR and payroll, MS Office, IT returns, and even GST training in Bangalore.

Salient Features:

Program Name:

  • GST beginner course
  • Advanced program in GST


  • The beginner program incorporates fundamental concepts, the knowledge of the input tax credit, equalizer of GST output against input, filing of GST returns both online and offline, and registration.
  • The advanced program contains GST in Tally, constraints in asserting an input tax credit, the concept of reverse toll, GST administrations and appraisals, and annual filing and sanctions.

10. Inventateq : GST Prcatitioner Training In Bangalore

Inventateq is a prominent name in the job-oriented software training institute division

Being in the industry for almost half a decade, Inventateq gives cost-effective, integrity, and real-time training in not just software but digital marketing, AWS, machine learning, artificial understanding, and even Tally GST training in Bangalore. The foundation furnishes a host of other programs, all job-oriented and edge to give significance to the learners and aspirants. 

Inventateq also offers corporate training and has a devoted placement cell. The courses at Inventateq cater to people from the beginner level to the experts. There is something for everyone, and the utmost purpose at Inventateq is employability for the trainees.

Hence, The hands-on training, special attention to each student, a computer for each learner and an assortment of no more than eight students, and practical petitions of the courses are ways in which Inventateq exceeds other universities and delivers quality training.

Salient Features:

Course Name: Tally GST Training

Eligibility: B.Com and M.Com pupils, job seekers, freshers, and working experts.

GST course fees: Though there is no observation of the GST course fee, the academy mentions paying your fees as you learn in instalments.

Syllabus: the major topics wrapped under the Tally GST program are:

  • Tally ERP9 manual accounts.
  • Overture of Tally ERP9 real-time.
  • Index administration
  • Economic administration
  • Progressive MIS reports
  • Taxation and payrolls
  • Income tax, auditing constraints, and compliances.
  • GST and auditing

The programs under this training include:

  • Initiating GST for your firm in Tally ERP
  • Creating a sales chronicle, GST rankings
  • GST abidance for stock items and stock organisations

GST program duration: the course is for 35-40 hours with an alternative for weekend or weekday lectures. There is also the choice of online training.

Certification: the nominees get a certificate of culmination.

Added Benefits: the most vital privilege is that of job placement. The academy offers 100% placement with mock interviews, mock tests, etc., by highly endured and certified trainers. 

A well-researched and evolved training program and an assortment of theory and practicals with tasks are additional advantages.

Final Thoughts

So, above you have the top 10 GST certification courses in Bangalore that enable you to comprehend all the aspects of GST to strengthen your abilities and make you job-ready. 

The benefit of these programs is that they offer a variety of methods of learning and you can either take up campus training, or online credential fitted to your preference.  Also, One of the aspects to note here is that a plurality of GST certification courses in Bangalore and India, in public, come with Tally ERP.,9 with GST course. 

This is because Tally as accounting software is one of the vastly convenient appliances for accountants and financial specialists.

It not only assists to smoothen the procedure of keeping a record of your tax and payments but also helps to accelerate the method of payment and the all-around enactment of job activities becomes simpler. 

So, if you take up tally with the GST forum, it is going to be predominantly helpful for your career growth and your business investment.

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