Top 10 GST Courses in Kolkata: 2023 (Exposed)

Kolkata is one of the fastest-growing cities of India when it comes to Education, industrial and cultural hubs in our eastern part of India. It was previously called Calcutta. Kolkata is the second oldest stock exchange that the Indian government-owned in South Asia. 

Nowadays, GST Course has gained a lot of importance regarding knowledge and making a career. Everyone should understand the practices of GST happening around.

Various institutes provide proper guidance and training on GST with its multiple aspects. If you are the one who wants to seek a career in GST and learn as a beginner, then here are the top listed ten courses which provide you GST course with proper Learning and training along with certification.

What is GST?

GST is for goods and service tax services, which started on 1st July 2017. GST is a complete combination of the tax system, which includes central excise duty, service tax, entertainment tax, VAT, purchase tax, luxury tax, and others in India. After implementing GST, it has become easier for all the taxpayers and business organizations to pay their taxes on time. There are 140 countries that have GST and GST dual more implementation for tax. 

Now we all have understood what GST means. Let’s understand various institutes which provide GST training. 

1. Henry Harvin and Education : Top GST Courses in Kolkata

Henry Harvin and Education is one of the top institutes providing a GST certification course in Kolkata. Henry Harvin and Education have received an award as the best corporate training platform. The best thing about their institution is they provide lifetime Learning Management System (LMS) access to their students.

Henry Harvin ranks top institutes in India for their GST course. The Institute provides 100% practical training with the professional trainers of GST. Henry Harvin is one of the first institutes to start the GST course in India in December 2016.

The course name is GST certification course. It comes in 32 h, consisting of four models with two complementary modules of soft skill training and resume writing.

Highlights of the course:-

  • covers all the aspects of GST
  • Training by experts of Aaj Tak NDTV and various others
  • The trainers have over 20+ years of experience in GST
  • Practical classes and computer-based training
  • GST practitioner certificate
  • One year gold membership of Henry Harvin finance academy
  • Internship opportunities
  • The study material provided of worth 500 for free
  • The course also covers the latest topics and provision of GST
  • The course fee for the live online session is 12500/- and for the self course, it is 11500/-

Apart from all the highlights, the Henry Harvin GST certification course gives you a chance of 100% placement opportunity with their organization itself or with their partner organization. 

Henry Harvin’s Education also provides you with various other courses in analytics, Law, coding, writing skills, finance, TEFL, and many other courses. They provide courses in various cities like Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Lucknow, Visakhapatnam, Kolkata, and Mumbai. 

2. Onward Academy : Best institute For GST Course in Kolkata

Onward Academy was launched in the year 2015, and it’s the unit of Onward Infotech. They provide you with job-oriented training in Kolkata. They provide a complete curriculum and practical Learning of GST, which will help to improve your implementation skills. 

They have experienced trainers who provide proper training and enhance your soft skills.

GST course of onward Academy covers various concepts of GST such as:-

  • Fundamental of GST return
  • Input tax credit
  • Accounts and records
  • Payment of tax
  • Refund and Registration
  • Assessment and audit
  • Credit and debit note

The regular duration of the course is for one year, and the fast track course of GST completes in six months. GST training is one of the short term courses which also helps in providing practical training wherein you can master various complex concepts and understand various taxation from this course

Onward Academy also assists you with 100% placement support once your course is completed.

3. George Telegraph Institute of Accounts : GST Certification Course in Kolkata

George Telegraph Institute of accounts has one of the complete certification courses in GST, located in Kolkata and West Bengal. The Institute is also a partner with the National skill development corporation, which is under the skill development and entrepreneurship ministry. 

The main objective of the Institute is to give the best help to students in making their skills into professional ones and building their career in the same field. Along with the GST certification course, they also benefit from various soft skills sessions such as grooming sessions, how to build confidence during interviews, personality development, and many more.

GST certification course gives you guidance in following areas such as:-

  • Input tax credit
  • Value and scope of supply tax invoice
  • Payment of tax
  • TDS and TCS
  • Transactional provision
  • Reverse charge mechanism and forward charge mechanism
  • Advantage of GST
  • Restrictions of GST
  • Appeals and revision
  • Advance ruling
  • A search of offenses and penalties
  • Mixed and composite supply

The Institute has all the professionals in a chartered accountant. Thus, they help give you complete assistance required in Excel to file various taxation finance and accounts. 

They have trained more than 25000 students from all over 70 centers located in West Bengal Assam Orissa, and various others.

4. Florida Academy ; Top GST Practitioner Course in Kolkata

Florida is also one of the best Academy of GST certification courses in Kolkata. This course is suitable for both locals as well as residents of Kolkata as well. They give you a wide range of knowledge and Learning and to GST. 

The course provides certification of GST along with tally ERP.9. The course duration is of two months, and they give two lectures in a week. 

The course is divided into ten models as:-

  • Introduction to financial accounting
  • Basic financial accounting
  • Advanced financial accounting
  • Inventory and business management
  • Document printing
  • Software maintenance
  • TDS report, TDS return, voucher etc
  • Payroll system
  • Goods and services under GST, scope and meaning of supply, GST structure in Indi, a GST council, GST rate, GST registration form, invoice sample, GST invoice guidelines, international GST scenario, and regulatory framework of GST.

You get a certificate of the course once you complete the course. The fee of the course is INR 6000/-

The fiery are very helpful and give proper assistants to every student they also provide you with theoretical and practical training.

5. Ankit Institute of taxation and consultancy service : GST Certification Course in Kolkata

Ankit Institute of taxation and consultancy service (AITCS) is a professional tax coaching center that provides tax consultancy. It is a consultancy service and course provider managed by a group of advocates, chartered accountants and company secretaries. Ankit institution is one of the best places for your EducationEducation and taxation, and finance, which helps you understand various taxation factors and helps build your future career. 

They have one of the highlighted courses, such as GST filing and GST practitioner training. The institution is considered one of the best GST certification courses in Kolkata.

They provide two courses of GST search by GST filing training, which is three months, and a GST crash course, which finishes up within five days, wherein they explain all the basics of GST and sum it up in 5 days. 

They have the essential eligibility criteria such as a candidate should graduate from any of the streams and have a basic knowledge of word excel and the internet.

Give you theoretical training into various areas such as types of GST, GST due dates, GST rate, invoicing and E ledger. At the same time, practical training comes with proper registration of GST, filing forms, e way bill, analytical tool, computation and assessment. These are a few highlighted topics of the course, but they provide in-depth knowledge of every aspect.

The course also provides you with certification for the successful completion of the course.

The course fee for GST e filing training is 7500/- and for the GST crash course, the fee is 5000/-.

Ankit Institute stands out from other institutes because they give proper hands-on training. They have tiny batches that help focus on each student individually, give you lifetime advice, provide placement assistance, and give you free updates regarding GST through email.

6. Central Institute of Technology (CIT) ; GST Training Centre in kolkata

CID is a training Institute that provides you the best computer education in Kolkata. They have their courses in digital marketing, tax account, graphic design, web designing, animation, cyber security and web development. Central Institute of technology is just one place for all your diverse EducationEducation. 

They have flexible timings with professional tutors. They also give you ebooks and an online support system. They have more than 2000+ professionals, and they have trained 3500+ students for many years. 

They have two courses such as GST with e-filing course and tally GST with e-filing course. Both the courses come with a duration of 3 months. The essential eligibility criteria is a candidate should be 12th passed out for both the courses. 

Topics which are covered in GST with e-filing course are:-

  • Basic tax rule and GST law
  • Taxation system 
  • introduction to GST
  • Online registration and returns submit
  • Applicability of GST
  • Late fee
  • HSN and SAC code
  • Convert JSON file Excel
  •  time place and value of supply
  •  e way bill rules 
  • ITC 
  • GST bill creation
  •  online GST payment
  •  GST transition

The next course of tally GST with e-filing covers every aspect from A to z of tally and GST. even here; they provide both theoretical and practical knowledge with detailed information.

The course fee for GST with e-filing program is 5000/- INR and for tally GST with e-filing program as of 7500/- INR

They provide their exclusive guidance with their professional and experienced tutors, the timing of the classes are flexible, which are into seven working days, they give you live projects and various workshops, lifetime assistant and support and 100% job opportunity.

7. FS Mission : Top Rated GST Certification Course in Kolkata

The financial service mission also provides you with one of the finest courses of GST certification in Kolkata. The course majorly focuses on giving training to beginners.

Suppose a person is pursuing his bachelor’s degree or who has completed their higher secondary EducationEducation. In that case, this Institute is one of the best choices for them to learn more about GST during their EducationEducation. 

The FS mission course is divided into three categories

  • GST for beginners
  • GST for intermediate level and
  • GST in tally ERP 9.

The training comes with an audio and visual representation of every aspect of GST. In-depth books are provided to every individual, along with assignments and regular manuals on GST filing.

The course name is g diploma in GST program, which also gives your certification from National council for technology.

Following are the chapters taught for beginners, intermediate and tally ERP 9

  • Understanding GST 
  • registration and supply in GST
  •  determining taxes 
  • credit and debit note
  •  reconciliation 
  • accounting procedure
  •  creating active GST 
  • Refund procedure

These are a few highlighted areas of understanding, and many other chapters are taught in all three categories of the GST course.

The course is of three months duration, which comes along with an internship opportunity

8. CMS Phoenix Education and Training ; Best institute For GST Course in Kolkata

CMS Academy, which is now known as phonics computer Education, is a training platform where you get courses into various topics such as data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence accounting finance and various other courses.

They have their best GST certification course available in Kolkata, which gives you proper training from basic to advanced level, which also helps in maintaining your high-quality standard and improving your financial accounting system. They also help you in understanding various other elements which are included in the financial accounting domain.

The course is designed by highly qualified and experienced professionals, which takes into consideration industrial standards. The trainers upscale every knowledge of GST and keep them updated with every student, which will help them learn more about the latest technologies and practical sessions. 

The complete course is divided into four semesters. The duration is 200 hours. Their minimum eligibility criteria are it should be completed with 12th standard or a graduate. They have their assurance by giving them 100% placement assistance based upon your knowledge, skill and expertise.

The focus on the following topics such as

  • Certificate program in industrial accounting with tally 
  • advanced accounting with tally GST
  •  tally and advanced taxation 
  • certificate program in financial accounting with MS office

9. Palium Skills : Best GST Classes in Mumbai

Pallium skills give you a GST certification course which is available in Kolkata the force majorly focuses on GST and various other courses related to financial accounting and taxation.

Concepts included in the course

  • Uses and principle of tally 
  • how to gather data
  •  daily activity evaluation
  •  GST implementation regulations and rules 
  • identifying and controlling process 
  • the genesis of GST
  • Understanding accounting process and statistical method

The course name is tally with GST, which gives you classroom training. You will learn more real-life examples to make your GST calculations easier. 

10. Adroit Academy ; Best Training Centre For GST Course in Kolkata

Adroit Academy is located in Kolkata, giving you the most advanced GST certification course, which combines your tally and GST. It will give you proper knowledge of tally and GST, which are related to each other. 

 They have divided their course into basic tally and advanced tally. 

The introductory tally course includes

  • Types of account it into inventory management
  •  financial management and service taxes 
  • payroll accounting functions of taxes
  • and remote capabilities 
  • tax deducted at source 
  • Functions of taxation

The advanced tally course includes

  • Introduction of e filing 
  • GST return and registration 
  • different types of GST 
  • TDS and TCS
  •  professional taxation
  • n advance received
  •  advance payment
  •  bank loan 
  • GST report 
  • multi-tax rate
  • Special economic zone
  •  sale and purchase
  •  composition law
  •  GST law
  •  point of sales
  •  combo goods in GST
  •  how to integrate GST into tally

The course gives a complete guide of GST and tally all together they give you more of practical sessions with the real-time implementation of GST the trainer are professional and their dedication towards their work which helps in giving you good tips strategy and hacks to perform your duty into GST practitioner once you complete the course you will get a better understanding of GST and how to manage it official effectively.

Apart from tally and GST courses, they also give you certification courses of python programming, next-generation Cisco firewall, Splunk, Juniper, Google cloud, Linux, Microsoft Azure and many more.

All about CGST, IGST, & SGS

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CGST: CGST is collected by the Central Government for the transaction within Maharashtra called Central goods and service tax service. It includes central excise duty, excise duty on service production, tax duty of custom, toiletries, surcharges, medicine and cess. 

SGST: SGST is applied when the state government collects it for the transaction within Maharashtra called the state goods and service tax office. THE TRANSACTION ARE AS SALES TAX, VAT, LUXURY TAXES, ENTERTAINMENT TAX, TAXES ON GAMBLING, STATE CESS AND SURCHARGES.

IGST – IGST is collected by the central government, which includes sales For interstate ( Like Maharashtra to Kerala)

Central GST and state GST are entirely separate; whichever taxes you pay for Central GST are used only for Central GST and not for the state GST. Even the administration of the Central and state governments is handled differently. 

Reason for implementation of GST

  • GST helps to reduce the tax impact of the final buyer on their purchase
  • The online retail facility is available 
  • logistic has become easier with the help of GST
  • It has to reduce multiple taxes, which comes at the time of manufacturing and sales
  • It helps to identify the unorganized sector


The blog ultimately gives you a brief idea of GST and various courses and institutes available in Kolkata. It gives you proper training and guidance and makes you understand GST way better. 

The above top Institute are true to our knowledge which also takes into consideration your finance and your academic code along with other additional benefits.

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