Kodak Consulting Reviews | SAP BO Course Reviews- 9.7/10

Kodak Consulting Reviews | SAP BO course reviews

Kodak Consulting Review by Apurba- 9.8/10

Had an amazing experience! Joining the SAP BO course with Kodak Consulting was the wisest decision I’ve ever made for my career. Thanks to Kodak Consulting for presenting such an outstanding online learning platform allowing students and professionals to attend top corporate courses from anywhere, anytime. This institution groomed me with its one-of-a-kind SAP BO training. I would love to endorse the Kodak Consulting SAP BO course. 

Kodak Consulting Review by Maitrayi- 9.9/10

I am one of the most fortunate aspirants to attend the SAP BO course training with Kodak Consulting. I must acknowledge that I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of my training experience and upskilled my SAP BO abilities in the process. Moreover, the provided study material was incredibly informative, high quality, and beneficial. So, I’ll strongly recommend Kodak Consulting SAP BO course.

Kodak Consulting Review byTanmay- 9.7/10

I have completed the SAP BO course successfully from Kodak Consulting and found them very professional in every way including accommodating my class schedule based on my availability. Moreover, they provided me with video recordings of live online sessions, mentor-prepared high-quality notes, and excellent 24×7 customer support. Overall, I found the Kodak Consulting SAP BO course very cost-effective and flexible. So, I will heartily recommend this course to my friends and coworkers.

Kodak Consulting Review byTamoghna- 9.5/10

The SAP BO course by Kodak Consulting is mostly appropriate for current and future business entrepreneurs and Business Intelligence professionals. When I first dove into the pool of entrepreneurship, I had zero ideas about managing a business no matter how small it is. Therefore, in my opinion, this course must educate and aid business owners and start-up entities as it did for me.

Kodak Consulting Review byAbeera- 9.6/10

Though I am currently working in a renounced MNC I found the need to upskill myself in the Business Intelligence domain for faster career growth and better work efficiency. So, I enrolled myself in the SAP BO course at Kodak Consulting. To my utter surprise, this course not only fulfilled my needs, but it also groomed me to a several folds greater level than I ever expected. Hence, even already being a professional in this field, if anybody is trying to save some time to become a Pro user of SAP BO tools managing a business, joining Kodak Consulting will be your best decision.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Aratrika- 9.7/10

To boost my career, I decided to join the Kodak Consulting SAP BO course. As I have completed the course with a globally recognized hallmark certificate and a wide range of upgraded skill sets to use SAP BO tools professionally, there’s no doubt that this course is the best SAP BO course available. Moreover, it has the best strategic course modules to upskill candidates with an upgraded career makeover. Thanks to Kodak Consulting for brightening my career path.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Shivangi- 9.6/10

Undoubtedly, Kodak Consulting is a uniquely innovative and interactive platform to evangelize us toward various trending in-demand corporate courses. Speaking of my experience attending the SAP BO course at Kodak Consulting, this institute’s greatest strengths lie in its customized courses, knowledgeable teachers, and 1-on-1 online live interactive sessions. However, SAP BO course training sessions are strategically framed to boost our careers. Overall, with excellent study materials and well-organized course modules, I found the Kodak Consulting SAP BO course pretty beneficial.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Hemnalini- 9.8/10

Firstly, I had no idea about SAP and its peripheral domains. However, attending the SAP BO course at Kodak Consulting, the industry experience holding trainers helped me comprehend even the most challenging elements of SAP. Moreover, Kodak Consulting continued its assistance even after the successful completion of the course. Overall it was a life-turning experience for me and ill highly recommend Kodak Consulting.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Khushboo- 9.9/10

As I have attended so many corporate training in the past, I must say that I found Kodak Consulting the best training platform of all. Emphatically, the trainers here are exceptionally knowledgeable with long-term industry experience, patiently explain every subject matter, and cleared up every single query of the attendees. So, I will undoubtedly suggest SAP BO Course, especially from Kodak Consulting to all my friends and colleagues.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Gaurav- 9.9/10

Firstly, I need to thank Kodak consulting for helping me achieve my dream job this efficiently. However, after graduation, when I was searching for a corporate course to specialize in a particular industrial sector, I made the best decision to take up SAP BO on my mother’s advice. And now, I am working in a leading MNC earning a lucrative salary. Therefore I strongly recommend the Kodak Consulting SAP BO course as it shaped my career upskilling me in the SAP BO domain. 

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Raja Sharma- 9.6/10

The state-of-art e-learning for the SAP ABAP course at Kodak Consulting was the biggest boon for me. I could refine my programming skills through this facility whenever possible.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Mamta Rani Rajput– 9.8/10

The online SAP Ariba course from Kodak Consulting was way better than the traditional style of learning. The training timings were flexible and I could sync them with my busy schedule.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Sandeep Kumar- 9.6/10

The SAP Ariba training course was one of the few online training courses that were well-explained in a short period. The intelligently designed course from Kodak Consulting helped me build a strong aptitude in the subject that can be used in my current career scenario.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Uma Verma– 9.8/10

Kodak Consulting provided excellent mentoring during the SAP ABAP Training course. The professional upskilling and placement support worked well for me in starting my career in the SAP arena.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Amit- 9.6/10

Kodak Consulting Reviews: The SAP BASIS course at Kodak Consulting enabled me to gain mastery of modules such as GUI, Server Architecture, TMS, and more. My trainer Divya Ma’am supported me throughout the course. Her sessions were informative and she went through the module at our pace. She also gave me useful tips to crack my job interview. I am grateful for her guidance and support.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Nikita Gandhi– 9.8/10

The trainer for Kodak Consulting’s SAP MM Training course simplified the course content and helped us understand through case studies and examples. His expertise in the domain helped me draw insights into various aspects of the Material Management module.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Megha kashap- 9.6/10

Learning the SAP PP module was very useful for me in advancing my career as an SAP Production Planning Consultant. The instructor for the Kodak Consulting course was very supportive and encouraged us to adopt the best practices in this line of work.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Akansha Saini– 9.8/10

The inputs from the personal experience of the trainer were great and his dedicated efforts during Kodak Consulting’s SAP ABAP Training course made this course one of the finest SAP courses for me. Overall, a well-executed course!

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Anil Gupta– 9.7/10

The structure and delivery of the course content were done very meticulously during Kodak Consulting’s SAP PS Training course. The training and masterclasses were very engaging and helped me develop the necessary skills for starting a career in this line.

Kodak Consulting Reviews by Anirudh das- 9.6/10

The instructor for the SAP Ariba Training course at Kodak Consulting did a great job of keeping the sessions engaging and worthwhile. The concepts were clearly explained as suited for various career roles.

Kodak Consulting SAP BO Course Description

The Business Objects domain of Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing, known as SAP BO application is an embedded product in life-cycle management software or the Agile Management System to companies that serves to benefit the companies with efficient implementation of Business Intelligence, BI. 

Moreover, the SAP BO BI application is a centralized suit for data reporting, sharing, and visualization. However, it transforms data into useful insights that are available anytime from anywhere. Emphatically, SAP BO is the non-promise Business Intelligence tire for SAP’s Business Technology Platform. 

Moreover, business organizations, companies, and sectors across all industries deploy the SAP Business Suite software to deal with unique business challenges on their schedules without inventing expensive upgrades.

The SAP BO Course by Kodak Consulting aids the learners with a comprehensive in-depth knowledge of the functioning of BI tools. Therefore, this course is ideal for

anyone aspiring to become a Business Manager in near future.

Eligibility to Join Kodak Consultant SAP BO Course

The SAP BO course is best suited for the following learners:

  • Business Management aspirants
  • Business Consultants
  • BO Professionals in Business Intelligence
  • Business Decision Makers
  • Business Objects Aspirants

Key Highlights of the SAP BO Course at Kodak Consulting

Designed with the agenda of maximum benefits with dedicated two live sessions include essential processes such as invoicing, patient data management, and patient administration with ACM.

  • Training sessions: 44 hours of Live Online Bi-directional Interactive Training Sessions.
  • Hands-on Projects: Live industrial Projects in  Business Intelligence, Web Intelligence, and other SAP BO niches.
  • Immediate Internship: Upon completing the course immediate enrollment to the Internship assistance to gain real-life experience with the currently acquired knowledge in the SAP BO course.
  • Hallmark Certification: Upon SAP BO Course Training completion, a certificate from a renowned government-affiliated leading EdTech institute recognized in India and abroad.
  • 100% Placement Assistance: One year of Free Services after the successful accomplishment of the SAP BO course.
  • E-Learning Access: Easy access to countless online resources like e-library, recorded video lessons, assessments, tools, techniques, and more.
  • Experienced Trainers: Most respected knowledgeable industry experts to train with 12+ years of working experience.
  • Bootcamp Sessions: 12 months of regular Boot Camps.
  • Hackathon Access: Participate in hackathons and other paid competitions using the hashtag #AskHenry.
  • SAP BO Course Gold Membership: 1-Year of Gold Membership to the Henry Harvin Academy with countless investment takeout advantages.

Job-Oriented 10 fold Modules Covered As Per Market Demand

SAP BO Course Training is specially designed to provide detailed in-depth knowledge of working with the Business Intelligence tools or Business Objects of the SAP family. However, the learning modules of the SAP BO course are strategically structured to satisfy the industry demands. Hence, this course will help you gain comprehensive knowledge about the BO Universe, Database concepts, AD HOC Reports, BI Reports, Life-cycle Management, Web Intelligence, Error handling methods, and many more essential SAP elements of Business intelligence. Precisely, the 10-fold SAP BO course modules are as follows:

  1. Learning Business Process
  2. Web Intelligence concepts
  3. Business Universe Design
  4. Operating Dashboards
  5. Business Objects reports developments
  6. SQL
  7. Data Specification
  8. Information Design
  9. User groups management
  10. Repository

Career Advantages From SAP BO Course

  • Get International exposure to millions of SAP Business Objects in Business Intelligence-Related Jobs
  • Grab the opportunity to get employed in Top Leading Global Brands such as IBM, Accenture, HCL, Amazon, Adobe, Deloitte, and many others.
  • Upon accomplishing the SAP BO course, become a full-time professional or a highly paid freelancer.
  • Enhance your CV/Resume besides your LinkedIn profile with technical SAP BO course-acquired skill sets and experiences.
  • Stand out with your profile from Peers showcasing the most demanding BI skill sets in current years to get promoted in your current job profile or to be deservedly employed. 
  • Become a hallmark-certified SAP BO professional.
  • Increased job stability and promotion potential.

Steps For the Certification Process

The steps to get the globally recognized hallmark certificate upon completing the SAP BO course at Kodak Consulting are as follows:

  1. Counseling: First, get the counselor’s guidance to go through the course curriculum and get enrolled in a suitable batch to start the training.
  2. Attend The Classes: Regularly attend the instructor-led 1-on1 interactive master classroom sessions. 
  3. Submit Your Project On Time: During the SAP BO course training, the trainers carefully assign well-structured hands-on projects to teach you real-life industrial challenges. 
  4. Get Certified: After completing the SAP BO course successfully, get the globally recognized SAP BO hallmark certificate.
  5. Start Your Career: By completing the SAP BO course, become a certified SAP BO professional with crucially in-demand BI skill sets. So, promote the certificate on social media platforms and various job portals to attract recruiters and grow the organic crowd network as a freelancer. 



  • It was wonderful experience learning the basics of stock markets and understanding the SAP Course The course is designed well and has been a good experience for me as a beginner in the field of Kodak consulting.

  • This is my first experience with a remote instructor and I liked it. Great way to receive training without having to travel great distances. I thought the SAP course was well organized, clear and easy to follow and the instructor was very knowledgeable with excellent presentation skills.

  • I’ve been to Online SAP classes and each and every instructor has been amazing. I can’t say enough good things about kodak consulting…for me it is the only way to learn. Thank you!”

  • SAP is interesting course, their are a lot of SAP courses online and it becomes really difficult to pick teh best SAP course certification online. But Kodak Consulting is best SAP training institute for best site coursenewsdaily it helps me to choose a best course for me.

  • This was my first time learning from a remote instructor, and I found it enjoyable. Excellent method for receiving training without needing to travel far. The SAP course, in my opinion, was well-structured, understandable, and simple to follow. Additionally, the instructor was very knowledgeable and had outstanding representational abilities.

  • The learning content was excellent.. The SAP course curriculum is designed thoughtfully. me was able to enhance my skill dis well-structured course by kodak consulting. If you want to change you’re career, do join dis course… kodak consulting.

  • Fantastic SAP course! I have attended the course of SAP as well from other platform but non are any closer to the extent dat is covered in this course. Fan of you’re teaching. Thanks. for Kodak consulting.

  • I had an outstanding experience of quality learning which has increased my knowledge about dis subject This SAP Courses in India course has increased my skills, jobs prospects and it was overall a great experience.

  • Its was very fantastic course and really interesting for me. It give me introduce about sap and how it would be beneficial for business for Kodak consulting.

  • When I complete my graduation my father enhance me to gain knowledge about SAP course just because I love accounting so I search SAP course fees structure if anyone know please drop here. I Very kodak consulting thankful to that person.

  • Hi i am Amir , I live in Hyderabad , It is difficult to understand the complexities of dis system. Tan I finally came across dis article. Thank you, Kodak consulting , for the information given on one platform.

  • Great sap course, highly recommended for beginner in dis field. Great structure and information dense. I audited the course and it got me hooked to sign up for the track !

  • The speakers for all the sap training sessions spoke very clearly and how pragmatic they made each session was awesome. I understood all that was taught in all the sessions for kodak consulting.

  • The training was so innovative, informative, and instructive SAP training classes linking our minds to ideas, possibilities, and unforeseen circumstances for kodak consulting.

  • This mind-blowing leadership sap course training is a way of teaching people more about being a leader and teh essential prerequisite of a leader in teh kodak consulting. TEMPThank you very much.

  • dis class is very interesting, and even though it was a three hour online classes I was usually quite focused on teh material! I learned a lot and teh tests were fair to teh lecture material. Good class overall in kodak consulting.

  • The coursenewsdaily information presented was useful and gave us more ideas and tools to implement in our current recruiting efforts to nice a sap course. Thanks to kodak consulting.

  • I received excellent training in Kodak consulting. Practical exercises were used to cover almost all of the topics. A good place to learn courses. Throughout the course, the trainer provided me with regular feedback.

  • I have did my sap training in coursenewsdaily, the training was met my expectation, the trainer explain all the subjects very well with live example and in a very simple way for understanding purpose..

  • me am very glad for give me SAP Course teh chance for getting admission in kodak consulting . My batch coordinators and and all teachers are all good .

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