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Top 12 Korean Language courses in Mumbai

어떻게 지내세요

eotteohge jinaeseyo (How are you?)

Whenever we think of or look at a few words in Korean language, doesn’t it amaze us? It definitely does to me. Like a mystical language that is born from the smoke of a wand. The verses look like a methodical drawing, a beautiful fusion of lines and curves. So, let us in this blog Let us now learn and analyse the Top 12 Korean Language courses in Mumbai. If you are one of the ardent fans of those cool miniseries K-Dramas or vibrant K-Pop, then you can very well bid adieu to the annoyingly fast rolling subtitles and dubs, and begin to enjoy and understand them even better.

A Korean language course instantly arouses curiosity and fascination, the urge to appreciate their many traditional beliefs and the need to understand the hard-working people of Korea who value familial piety and diligence more than anything else. The Korean language has 14 consonants known as Hangul and 10 vowels with symbols that is combined into syllable blocks.

By taking up a Korean language course we directly gain an interesting overview into the Korean culture that teaches us to respect their many concepts that earlier we thought was odd or could not comprehend with empathy.

1. Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin® is a Global Edtech company with a vast range of clientele, awarded as the Best Corporate training platform. Their verticals branch out as Language Programs, College Programs, Corporate Programs, Skill Development Programs, Consulting Services & Assessments

Among the many interesting language courses offered by the Henry Harvin Language Academy, the Korean Language courses in Mumbai is carefully structured into three levels. Learn the Korean language from Henry Harvin’s best online platform to ace the TOPIK and KLPT exams.

Course Curriculum and Schedule

  • Beginner level covers – Communication point, Vocabulary and Culture Lessons
  • Intermediate level covers – Grammar and detailed vocabulary.
  • Advanced level covers – Thorough learning of culture and conversational skills
  • Complimentary modules in Soft skills development and Resume writing
  • Schedule – two-way interactive online sessions that is offered at six levels with 56 hours /level.


  • Systematically portioned curriculum is in accordance with the Korea Institute for Curriculum & Evaluation.
  • Most trusted Korean language course in Mumbai and Certification by multi-national giants like IBM, GE, Adobe, Philips, Accenture and others.
  • This Korean Language course in Mumbai gives projects and internship opportunities to gain practical knowledge
  • Certification from the Govt. of India recognized and award-winning Institute
  • 100% Placement Support for 1-Year after the successful completion of the course.
  • E-learning: Access to abundant tools and techniques, video content, assessment, and more
  • Access to Bootcamps and Hackathons for a period of 12 months.
  • Avail the benefits of one-year gold membership at the Language Academy for the Korean language Course.

Other popular courses

  • Foreign Language Courses
  • Content Writing course
  • Technical writing course
  • Medical Writing course
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course


Multibhashi is an online platform that offers courses planned by an elite panel of Linguist experts who train the students through Cloud LMS and telephony, Experiential Learning, and Interactive evaluation. The Korean Language courses in Mumbai offers the below learnings and benefits.

Course Curriculum and Schedule

  • Comprehensive learning of Names of various places and things in Korean
  • Understanding of Pronouns and nouns and their relevant usage.
  • Learn simple sentence structuring with easy vocabulary for Self-introduction.
  • The Korean Language course is priced according to the levels with 1 hour/ day for a duration of 22 days.


  • Interactive video sessions with prompt feedback from trainers.
  • Engaging activities with students and trainers and assignments for better understanding.
  • Other online Language courses include, many Indian Languages, French, Spanish, German, Chinese to name a few.

3. IB Language Classes

IBL classes is a premier institute offers a range Foreign Language course along with the Korean Language Courses in Mumbai. Furthermore, the institute also offers Language translation services in more than 15+ languages.

Course Curriculum and Schedule

  • Knowledge of basic Korean words and greetings, reading and listening simple vocabulary.
  • Build easy conversations, like asking or suggesting and negative sentences.
  • Learn about Korean food, places, Days, months and time.
  • Schedule – the course is divided into 6 Levels for a duration of 3 to 4 Months/Level.


  • Offers intensive one to one training for effective learning
  • Provides best career opportunities in national and multi-national companies.
  • Free Counselling for a Career in Language training.
  • Globally recognised Certification on completion
  • 100% Job Assistance and Books & Resources is provided.
  • Korean Language course is at an affordable budget (Rs.20,000/level) curated by Qualified language trainers.
  • Avail the Free Demo Class and the Separate/Weekend Classes as per the requirements of the student.

Other Language courses

Apart from the Korean Language courses in Mumbai, the institute also gives courses in French, Russian, German, Arabic, Turkish, Italian to name a few.

4. IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University)

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) was established by an Act of Parliament in 1985. The University trains over 3 million students in India and other countries through 21 Schools, with 2,000 Learner Support Centres and 20 overseas institutions.

The University has a strength of nearly 230 academic staff at all its regional centres and over 35,000 academic counsellors from other higher learning institutions, professional units, and industries.

IGNOU is one of the sought-after choices among many Korean Language courses in Mumbai. Below are the key learnings and benefits of the language course.

Course Curriculum and Schedule

  • Acquire basic communication skills and phonetics of Korean language.
  • Basics of Korean Language I covers, Introduction to Hangeul 1 & 2, Basic greeting words, Name of basic food, places, people and festivals
  • Basics of Korean Language II covers, Listening & speaking with regard to Travel, Dining, Interview and Understanding Korean culture.
  • Benefit from the supplementary materials as lessons and vocabulary given as Dialogues and Texts.
  • The Korean Language courses in Mumbai is spread over a duration of 2 to 6 months for a fee of Rs.2500.


  • It is a Cost-effective programme with Nationwide student support network.
  • Knowledge sharing and networking with other Open Universities and Institutions.
  • Self-paced modules with audio visual aids that includes feedback sessions, assignment worksheets, Language games, pronunciation practice activities and reading comprehension.
  • Theory and Practical assignment for a worthwhile learning experience.
  • Additionally the University also offers courses in Japanese, German, Spanish and Russian.

5. The Oriental Dialogue

The Korean Language courses in Mumbai from The Oriental Dialogue is a well-known name among ambitious learners. They have surely made a name with a decade long experience of providing Korean Language courses in Mumbai virtually.

The online live training sessions come with an inclusive list of the Korean language basics and essentials. The Academy holds network with an elite list of MNCs like BOSCH, Johnson Controls, Marriott, Jabil, Jump Start to name a few

Course Curriculum and Schedule

  • Level I covers the Korean writing system, the numbering system and basic sentence formations.
  • Level II covers the tenses, important phrases, Informal and formal greeting
  • Level III includes conversational skills, conjunctions, verbs and forms
  • The advanced level preps you for the TOPIK exam covering advanced Reading, Listening and Writing skills.
  • The course is segmented into 4 levels with 60 hours each, the fees ranging from Rs4000 – Rs12000.


  • Improve your scope of Global opportunities with a recognised Korean Language course certification.
  • Learn simplified Korean alphabets and Hangul scripts.
  • Online classes coupled with activity-based learning.
  • Get well trained through speaking practise sessions and assessments.
  • Avail the benefits of preparatory classes for the TOPIK exams.

6. The Mentors

The Mentors is a digital learning platform that believes in instructional strategy and educational philosophy. They provide training and tutoring in all the academic subjects and various foreign language courses.

They offer a suite of E-learning services like Micro Learning, Performance Support, Virtual Reality, Blended Learning, Custom E-learning and many more.

Course Curriculum and Schedule

  • Knowledge of simple daily vocabulary related to common objects, family names, places, weather and hobby.
  • Learn to make easy conversation and self-introduction for empathised understanding of Korean beliefs and norms.
  • Advanced vocabulary for social skills and interview skills.


  • Through the Korean Language course improve your reading and writing skills.
  • Learn to use right expressions with regard to politics, society and culture.
  • Better understanding of public facilities, neighbourhood and news broadcast.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of grammar verbs, nouns and pronouns for formal and informal conversations.
  • Korean language courses in Mumbai is scheduled as – TOPIK Level 1 to 6 with 3 months for each level.

7. Career Era

The institute is a qualified training organization. The Korean language courses in Mumbai covers a comprehensive module that enables an vivid understanding of the Korean language’s literary norms and commonly verbal practises.

Their business partners include, Axelos, PMI, CompTIA, AXIOS and ISACA.

Course Curriculum and Schedule

  • Learn informal form of communication and Indirect quotation.
  • In-depth understanding of Noun forms, Exclamation, Verbs and Pronouns.
  • Gain a deep insight into the Korean culture by learning everyday vocabulary words.
  • The Korean language courses in Mumbai is segmented into 2 modules for a duration of 80 hours


  • Avail multiple mock-up exams and regular practice sessions.
  • Network with corporate giants like HCL, Honeywell, IBM, Samsung, PWC, Verizon, Tech Mahindra and more.
  • Get a deep insight into the Korean culture and improve your comprehension skills.
  • Become that in-demand translator/tutor with the knowledge gained from Korean Language courses in Mumbai.
  • Ongoing training projects and life time access to the study materials

Other language courses

In addition to the Korean language courses in Mumbai the academy also conducts programs in other foreign languages like Mandarin, French, German and Spanish.

8. The Language Network

The Language Network is an online learning portal that offers foreign language programs. The extensively researched course modules are aligned with CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) levels.

To enumerate further, the academy aims to explore the history and culture of a language, teaching techniques that emphasise on spoken and writing skills. Let us look at the learnings and benefits from the Korean language courses in Mumbai.

Course Curriculum and Schedule

  • The modules are divided into Beginner (A1, A2), Intermediate (B1, B2) and Advanced levels (C1, C2)
  • Learn effective Self introductory skills and to begin simple conversations.
  • Understand familiar topics, communicate well your routine tasks and background.
  • Communicate with the native people with confidence and widen your social circle.
  • Use the language creatively and speak fluently.
  • While in travel or at work learn to express yourself the right way.
  • Depending on the level the student chooses the duration of the course ranges from two months to two years.


  • The academy offers a fun learning experience with many activities.
  • Interact and bond with diversified set of learners.
  • Make use of their flexible learning process and customised study plans.
  • Small group of students to ensure focused learning attention.
  • Interview preparation sessions and CV building techniques given.
  • Gain a new language learning experience along with enhanced career choices.

9. Rosetta Stone

This online learning academy offers a comprehensive learning experience of the Korean Language. The language module is meticulously structured to address the requirements schedule of the learning aspirant.

Course Curriculum and Schedule

  • Master the Korean language pronunciation with their TrueAccent Speech Recognition Software.
  • Avail the benefits of an immersive curriculum that improves your cognitive ability in language learning.
  • Customised learning plans that come as bite-sized lessons.
  • Dwell in real life case studies to widen your language comprehension.
  • Understand formal and informal greeting methods, nouns and pronouns.
  • Core lessons include Pronunciation, Grammar and Vocabulary.


  • Trusted clientele network includes Twitter, BMW, Uber, Williams Sonoma among a few.
  • Phrasebook – to easily understand greetings, phrases and, expressions.
  • Audio Companion – to download lessons to listen and learn at your own pace.
  • TruAccent – for instant reviews on pronunciation.
  • Stories and Game plans for an interactive learning experience.
  • Native speaking tutors to build confidence in your language writing, reading and speaking skills.

Other Language courses

Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese to name a few

10. Udemy

Udemy is a favourite option for many looking for Korean Language courses in Mumbai. This online learning platform provides a number of good options to choose from according to your budget and schedule.

Course Curriculum and Schedule

  • Learn the Korean language Consonants, vowels and tenses.
  • Common everyday words, object names and expressions.
  • Master the correct alphabet stroke order and proper pronunciation through the video series.
  • Understand basic grammar rules, guidelines about the Korean culture.
  • Listening comprehension series to learn the relevance of nouns.


  • Avail the complimentary benefits of Udemy’s online Korean language course.
  • Small easily comprehensible video lessons which are downloadable.
  • Budget friendly and perfectly structured modules for a novice learner.
  • Videos to listen and improve your conversation skills.
  • Assignments and quiz to enable better understanding for the student.
  • The course for the beginners is for 42 hours with life time access to resources.

11. Cambridge Institute

The Cambridge institute has been in the education industry for the past 13 years and is likewise one of the leading foreign language institutes in India. The institute gives modern teaching methods that is updated with current business trends. Additionally they also provide exam preparation courses by well-trained tutors.

Course Curriculum and Schedule

  • Learn to greet people with right expressions.
  • Thorough understanding of Hanguel and tenses.
  • Ace sentence formation and questioning with the correct pronunciation.
  • Know the correct usage of words for daily routine, Destinations, activities and places.
  • The course duration is for 6 weeks for the Korean language course level 1 & 2.


  • Step by step module to strengthen the memory of words and sentences.
  • Exclusive sessions for TOPIK exam preparation.
  • Avail the benefits of the internship program and corporate trainings.
  • Personal attention from Best linguistic trainers.

Other language courses

Along with the Korean language courses in Mumbai the institute also offers Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Arabic language courses.


Among the institutes offering the Korean language courses in Mumbai, Resolt is one of the popular choices of language aspirants. With their interactive live sessions master the Korean language Alphabets, vocabulary, grammar and sentence creation.

Course Curriculum and Schedule

  • The course module is divided into Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced, Proficiency and master levels.
  • Comprehension of simple words and phrases to make daily conversation easier.
  • Express yourself with more confidence with the advanced knowledge of Korean vocabulary.
  • Improve your spoken and written skills in Korean with grammatically correct sentences.
  • Ready yourself professionally and socially with extended knowledge of the language and culture.


  • They provide flexible schedules and affordable fee structure.
  • Experienced trainers to give prompt feedback and doubt clearing classes.
  • Exhaustive study material with interesting activities and assignments.
  • Regular revision sessions and mock tests.
  • ReSolt learning app for an efficient language learning experience.

The high tide in the curiosity and craze to learn the Korean language course is largely due to the rising admiration of the K-Pop, K-Drama, K-Movies, Kimchi, Korean Beauty brands which is now popularly termed as the “Korean Wave” or “Hallyu.”

There are numerous rewards of learning a new tongue. Besides getting lucrative language jobs and scaling your career prospects in foreign language, people pick up a Korean language course out of sheer curiosity to break the typical alienness that one usually feels with the Korean culture and beliefs.

Many institutes and online academies offer a well-developed Korean learning course and also assist in the well-acclaimed TOPIK exam preparation. Look for the one that answers your curiosity levels, that suits your schedule and flows with adaptability.

Now done your gat (traditional hat worn in Korea) and get ready to impress a global audience that is waiting to take you as the sought-after Korean tutor/translator/Interpreter and to embrace you as one family.

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Frequently asked questions

1. Is learning Korean Language easy?

With a help of an online branah keyboard, Korean language is easy to learn.

2. What is the speciality of Korean Language?

It is a link language that encompasses the Altaic languages of central Asia like Turkish, Mongolian and Tungusic and grammar wise close to Japanese.

3. For how long is my TOPIK score valid?

Your TOPIK score is valid for 2 years from the date of exam result being announces. You can retake it once it expires.

4. Can I speak well in Korean after I finish the beginner’s level?

The beginner’s level covers basic conversational skills and grammar. To scale up your learning, you can take up the intermediate and advanced levels.

5. How can I earn as a Korean Language expert?

You can become a translator or a instructor or a proof-reader. You can also teach in any institute where a Korean Language course is offered.

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