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Top 10 MLT courses in Delhi

MLT courses in Delhi are widely pursued courses in the Science and medical lab-tech field. It is a great career option for science students as there are multiple professions one can get in if they are a certified MLT.

Top 10 MLT courses in Delhi
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But let’s start with some basics first and understand what is MLT?

After taking the science field and scoring good numbers in your 11th and 12th classes, one of the courses you can take up is MLT, which is a Medical Laboratory Technician course. The Students will learn about Chemical, Microscopic, Hematology, Immunologic, and Bacteriological Examination of Human Fluids in that course.

We will talk about the requirements and the career options after taking the MLT course towards the end of the blog, but for now, let’s start discovering some of the best academies offering MLT courses in Delhi and discuss them in detail.

The point to remember here would be that all the academies and universities mentioned in our MLT courses in Delhi list are equally valuable. However, depending on one’s preferences, they might like one course better than the other.

I have tried to make points about what is unique in the course so that you can easily pick which one suits your needs the best. So, without any further delay, let’s look at our first academy.

MLT courses in Delhi
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1. Henry Harvin 

About Henry Harvin Academy

Henry Harvin is a prestigious academy that offers you all the in-demand courses such as the MLT course. Additionally, they also offer placement opportunities. It is built so that students can not only learn the theory but also master the practicals of those fields.

As a first step, you need to enroll in an academy that will provide you with career security. That’s what Henry Harvin excels at.

Nearly 1000 people have benefited themselves from the MLT course in Delhi by Henry Harvin.

MLT course in Delhi

Learn about Henry Harvin’s MLT courses in Delhi

Many people in Delhi are familiar with how difficult it is to travel there, due to the crowds, traffic, and the scariest part, COVID 19. 

I guess we all can agree that if in these times we get an opportunity to study just as well as studying in any university from our homes a majority will be choosing that option. Not only it’s convenient but also safe.

As Delhi has suffered badly from covid, taking up a course for such a long duration out in the world, physically could be a risky option as the world is not over the pandemic completely yet.

This is why I have chosen Henry Harvin as my first choice for MLT courses in Delhi. Secondly, the reason for choosing them is the package they offer. Let’s look at that now.

Here is what all you will be getting if you choose their MLT course,

  • NSDC curriculum.
  • Mobile application to learn with ease.
  • 100% job support.
  • 100% Guaranteed Internship opportunities.
  • Average 80% salary hike.
  • Lastly, 12 months of live classes.

What is included in the syllabus?

  • Learn Patient Care, lab technology, and equipment.
  • Know how to prepare Medical tests & results.
  • Learn techniques like Pathology and Diagnostic technique.
  • Understanding Biomedical Waste Management, Material Management, and Supply Chain Management.
  • Detailed knowledge of Cell, Tissue, Digestive systems, skeletal systems, and more.
  • Lastly, Practical like Testing in Laboratories.

This and much more are included in their course. If you want to learn more about the course then you can go to their website and check out further details.

According to me, the fact that they have faculties who are experienced for more than 15 years in the field is the major plus point for the students. 

2. Impact Paramedical and Health Institute (IPHI) 

About IPHI

IPHI is a Delhi-based institute that provides courses and training in the field of healthcare. MLT course is also one of them. The fact that they not only provide their courses in India but also abroad suggest their success in the field.

They provide options like Diploma courses, Bachelor courses, and certified courses to their students. Honestly speaking, if you want to choose any university or institute for offline classes, IPHI can be the one for you.

Learn about IPHI’s MLT courses in Delhi

Firstly, let’s start with the fact that they provide MLT courses in multiple formats such as Masters, Bachelors, Certified, Diploma, and E-Learning. For this reason, this course becomes the choice for many of you as all the possible variety of formats are available for you to choose from according to your needs.

They have divided the courses into wide different varieties of courses. For example, some courses are really specific and talk about a single category and others are generic.

It is not possible to describe all of them in one go so rather we will see their DMLT course details, but you can check their website and find out details about the other courses as well. In their DMLT course,

  • It is a 2-year course divided into 4 semesters.
  • Anyone who has studied till 10th or 12th in any field can take this course.
  • The first-year syllabus includes topics like Basic Human Sciences, Communicative English, Basic Hematology, Blood Banking, Immune Hematology, Clinical Biochemistry, Microbiology, Immunology, and more.
  • Lastly, The second-year syllabus includes topics like Applied Histopathology & Cytological Techniques, Applied Microbiology, Serology & Immunology, Quality Control, and Standardization, Total Quality Management, Project Work, and more.

As a final point, I would like to add that, the current world health situation has created a humungous need for trained medical staff. Only relying on people from science backgrounds can be limiting, so courses like these which eligibility criteria are low can be helpful to train people in times of need.

3. Virohan Institute

About Virohan Institute

Virohan institute is a well-renowned institute in the healthcare field. Having campuses in many major cities in India suggested their demand in the market.

Furthermore, this course may lead to a challenging career in hospitals, minor emergency centers, private laboratories, blood donation centers, or doctor’s offices.

Learn about Virohans MLT courses in Delhi

  • Study about the Human body, Anatomy, and Physiology.
  • Get familiar with Medical terminologies.
  • Know and practice medical law/ethics.
  • Know how to be prepared for medical emergencies.
  • Learn Biochemistry.
  • Also study Hematology, Immunology, and serology-Hematology.
  • Get trained in Microbiology.
  • Know Pre and post-analytical lab procedures.
  • Last but not the least, Advanced techniques.

To know more about this course you can visit their website. This course is a detailed course on becoming an MLT in Delhi.

So, if you found their course details or institute details aligned with your needs then you can choose them as your MLT institute.

4. Tech Mahindra Foundation – Smart Academy

About TMF – Smart Academy

We all are aware of Tech Mahindra and its academies thus I wanted to give you this option. Smart academy by Tech Mahindra Foundation offers  MLT courses in Delhi with great benefits.

Quality cannot be an issue with this institute as they are one of the leading academies in India providing healthcare courses.

In addition to that, their expert faculties, job assistance, entrepreneurial opportunities, and many more perks make them a perfect option for Delhi people.

Learn about Tech Mahindra Foundation – Smart Academy’s MLT courses in Delhi

Their MLT course curriculum includes the following things,

  • Learn about Introduction to patient care, lab technology, and equipment.
  • Basic & clinical biochemistry and General pharmacology.
  • Techniques of Blood banking and fine-needle aspiration technique.
  • Basic pathology and diagnostic techniques, systemic medical microbiology, hematology, immunology, parasitological, and histology.
  • Know how to manage Lab information management systems and biomedical waste management.
  • Lastly, Materials management & supply chain management, NABL training & quality control. 

This course is a full package, from the course syllabus to campus life, everything here will add up to your learning experience. You can check their reviews on their website and further details about their MLT courses in Delhi as well.


About SCCC Academy

As I only added one online course option in our MLT courses in Delhi list till now Hence, I felt like adding one more for those who want to take online learning. 

SCCC which is Seward Country Community College is a US-based academy providing high-quality Healthcare and other field courses for years. 

SCCC serves a student body of 2,500+ students with a wide age group of 15 to 85 years in all their courses combined. They also offer 45 plus amazing courses.

They take great pride in their faculties as the tutors are people who have proven themselves best in their respective fields by extraordinary achievements. You can learn more about their faculties from their website.

Learn about SCCC’s MLT courses in Delhi

Students can download all the study materials from their website and join the online classes as per the instructions provided by their team. Anyhow, let’s look at what all are included in the course curriculum.

  • 2 years of course duration.
  • Learn about Introduction to Medical Technology Lecture/Lab.
  • Know Basic Immunology and Phlebotomy
  • Learn Hematology and Coagulation Lecture/Lab.
  • Study Pathogenic Microbiology Lecture.
  • Study Urinalysis and Body Fluids.
  • Lastly, Clinical Practicum.

Finally, studying at a foreign institute would be helpful to the students on many levels as they would get the chance to learn about technologies around the world. On the same point, you can go to their website and check the eligibility criteria for pursuing the MLT courses in Delhi.

In all honesty, learning about the healthcare field can be very expensive which we all are aware of, but then courses like MLT can be saviors for those who are stuck with a budget.

As we reach halfway through our blog, let me help you with some crucial information related to the course you are looking for before continuing our list of MLT courses in Delhi.

MLT courses in Delhi
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What are the career options after completing  MLT courses in Delhi?

Here are your options after you become a certified Medical Laboratory Technician,

  • CT scan technicians or MRI technicians.
  • X-ray Technicians
  • Dental Machine Technician
  • Renal Dialysis Technician
  • Operation Theatre Technician
  • Pathology Technician
  • Radiology Technician
  • Physiotherapy Technician
  • Lastly, Optical Laboratory Technician

By the way, these are just a few of the options if you become an MLT. There are multiple other choices available in the market especially in these difficult times due to COVID 19 around the world.


About DPMI Academy

With more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare field, DPMI academy is one of provides one of the best MLT courses in Delhi. The Success Stories of the ex-students will surely help you make your decision faster.

In saying so, DPMI is not only limited to providing courses in Healthcare but also available in Tourism, Hotel management, and more.

Learn about DPMI’s MLT courses in Delhi

Here are the top reasons for choosing DPMI’s MLT courses in Delhi,

  • They have government-approved programs.
  • Reasonable fee structure with job opportunities.
  • Internship options with great organizations.
  • Last but not the least, Leading course provider in the Paramedical sector for the past two decades.

Continuing to the same topic, let’s discuss the inclusions of the MLT course,

  • For the 10th pass the CMLT course for one-year durations.
  • For 12th Pass DMLT course for two years durations.
  • Study on topics like Microbiology, Hematology, Blood banking, Immunology, Clinical Biochemistry, Molecular biology, and Histopathology.
  • Lastly, the Option of learning via online classes.

That is all, I guess that much information was enough to give you a glimpse about the institute and the course they offer, however, if you feel the need to know more, you can simply go to their website and contact them for any queries you might have.

7. Staredu

About Staredu Academy

Staredu is a Delhi-based academy that provides courses and training in the fields of healthcare. Staredu is driven by doctors named Dr. R.A. Gupta and Dr. Sameer Bhati. Another name for staredu is SETI which stands for Staredu Education & Training Institute.

Doctors know the best about their field hence; this course is also created keeping great details in mind. 

Some courses are just made for the sake of it but others are made to solve an issue. In the same manner, this course is also created by these doctors who know exactly what is needed in the world of healthcare.

Learn about Staredu’s MLT courses in Delhi

Firstly, let me tell you that startedu provides Diploma in Medical laboratory technician course. Adding to the same point, the diploma course is of two years duration and requires a minimum education up to the 12th class.

Secondly, let’s look at the benefits claimed by the academy to make an informed decision. The suggested benefits include,

  • Having the latest technologies.
  • Studying under great infrastructure.
  • Super skilled faculties.
  • On-the-job training opportunities.
  • Chance to work with experienced doctors.
  • Highest rated.
  • Last but not the least, Career support.

In continuation of the above point, let’s look at the course curriculum by staredu academy.

  • Learn In-depth knowledge of human anatomy
  • Know about the vivid idea of microbes and microbiology
  • Practice precise understanding of laboratory machine handling
  • Lastly, Basic Knowledge of chemistry, hematology, lab procedures, and contemporary medical technology.

Well, in my opinion, the academy which is rated highest for two decades needs to be providing nothing but excellence to maintain its place in such a competitive market.

For any more information, go to their website and contact them for any queries you might have.

8. Alison

About Alison Academy

Alison is another great platform providing a variety of courses. Studying from a platform like Alison has its perks. Not only do they provide multiple courses to choose from but also their rating system makes it easy for students to decide which course to choose.

Keeping that in mind, let’s discuss one of their highly-rated courses which is from One Education. A point to remember here is that as Alison’s courses are free, there might be limited inclusions in the course.

The MLT course we will discuss will be related to only the microbiology field, which is also a part of the full MLT structure. However, there are multiple different small courses available covering other aspects of the MLT field. So, if you wish to take the free course, I guess this is a fair trade. 

Learn about Alison’s MLT courses in Delhi

  • Learning at your own pace.
  • Learn the basics of microorganisms.
  • Know how cell structure works.
  • Practice microbiology equipment.
  • Introduction to microbes and viruses.
  • Lastly, Managing laboratory equipment and sterilizations.

This being said, I would like to mention again that Alison offers different courses on small subjects with certifications. So, you can do multiple courses to cover all the areas of becoming an MLT in Delhi.

9. Indian Institute of Skill Development Training


As we reach the last course in our top MLT courses in the Delhi list, I wanted to include one course from the government institute. As we all know government institute holds excellent demand and value in almost all fields.

For the same reason, their certifications also receive more validation than any other courses. Hence, I wanted to give my readers one such course in the blog.

IISDT offers an MLT course online at a really low fee. So, usually, the fees for the course are around 6000 rupees but they often have it at a 50% discount. That is a steal deal I would say.

Learn about IISDT’s MLT courses in Delhi

Here are the benefits of choosing their course,

  • Government validated certification.
  • Lifetime validation of the certificate.
  • Higher job opportunities.
  • Learn about the field of Hematology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, and General Pathology.
  • Job assistance.
  • Lastly, Online easy-to-tackle examination.

If you wish to know more about the course you can go to their website and learn in detail. You can also contact them for further queries. Indeed choosing a government-authorized institute gives benefits but choosing a government-managed course gives you even more validation. 

10. Institute of Paramedical Sciences & Management (IPSM)

About IPSM

Intellectual Society of India, registered under Society Registration Act XXI, 1860, runs and manages IPSM. As a recognized institution by the UGC, DEC, and MHRD, the IPSM provides high-quality education to students. In addition to delivering paramedical education, the institute prepares its students to become socially responsible and sensitive citizens. 

Learn about IPSM’s MLT courses in Delhi

There is a three-year course, which is open to students who have completed 12th grade, and the fees are Rs 60,000/- per year.

In addition to providing internship support to trainees, IPSM also assists them with placements. If you want more details, You can go to their website and contact them.

MLT courses in Delhi-Summary

The times we live in currently demanding great medical help and technicians. In that, people who can take courses like MLT can become a blessing to society. Not only for society but these are budget-friendly certified courses that can give you a job in a growing sector.

There are multiple universities and colleges available in Delhi providing MLT courses currently. These are just 10 options from that. 

I hope you liked the blog and found it interesting. If you have to this point please leave a comment if you liked the blog and share any other college or academy that provides MLT courses in Delhi that is great according to you.

My Recommendations

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1. What is MLT’s full form?

MLT stands for Medical Laboratory Technician.

2. How much I can earn if I become an MLT?

The standard salary ranges between 20,000 to 40,000 rupees for an MLT. However, it grows as per your experience.

3. What are the education requirements of the course?

Usually, one can take an MLT course if they are 12th pass in the science field, but there are a lot of academies providing courses for 10th pass and 12th pass with any stream.

4. Is the MLT course costly?

No, compared to other courses in healthcare, the MLT course can be considered a budget-friendly course. Some academies offer this course in the 3000 to 6000 range. However, you can find the course with even lower fees as well.

5. Can I do the MLT course for free?

Yes, Alison provides free courses on MLT but you will have to do multiple courses to cover all the subjects of MLT. They also provide a certificate.

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