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Top 10 Spanish Langauge Courses in Chennai


Bienvenido means Welcome to the vast ocean of Spanish Langauge. Spanish originated from the Northern area of Spain. It is a fruitful language that supports career building and a good number of prospects in various fields, literature, art music translations, interpretations and in the area of Education like Higher studies in Spain. Spanish Courses in Chennai helps to evaluate linguistic talents in oneself. You can study abroad in Spain for MBA, Masters, LLB. The degrees achieved there are respected worldwide. You can work in the Ministry of External Affairs.

 It is the official language of Latin America, equatorial Ghana. Espanol is the Spanish name for Spain is Espanol. 

It was one of those bone-chilling winter mornings where I sat with a hot brewing coffee overlooking the hills from my window. Suddenly the phone rang it was my best mate Janet who from the other end told.

Jane: Can you help me?

Anu: Sure, why not?

Jane: I was looking for a good institute which teaches Spanish Langauge courses in Chennai.

Anu: Why not you try for Henry Harvin Education

Jane: O really, 

Anu: You can also try Instituto Hispania, Sprachlingua, Fita Training Academy, Institute of Spanish Studies, Inward Centre language.

Jane:O wonderful. Do you know the benefits of learning Spanish Langauge Courses?

Anu: I am unaware of it.

Top 10 Spanish Langauge Courses in Chennai

 1. Henry Harvin Langauge Academy

Henry Harvin Education promotes learning Spanish and various foreign Languages in Chennai and other parts of the city as well. One can gain a lot of knowledge by learning these courses from this reputed institute. Spanish Langauge Courses in Chennai is fruitful and career-oriented for the future.

A 1-The Beginners Level –

        It promotes knowledge and helps in strengthening skills.

        The training program consists of two levels:

          A2-Upper Beginners Level- 

  • It helps in a clear understanding of the type of sentence.
  •  Expressions related to relevant areas while writing and speaking.
  • Learn to communicate in a simple language.

   B1- The intermediate Level: 

  • This level deals with the skills – writing, reading, listening. 
  • Candidates will gain skills to modify sentences in the Spanish language.

   B2- The Upper Intermediate Level: 

  • This level is about learning the Spanish Dialects, Complex Texts. 
  • The candidates will gain knowledge to construct long speeches in Spanish and to explain complex thoughts more simply.

   C1- The Advanced Level: 

  • This level helps the candidates with thorough knowledge.
  •  The meaning of lengthy texts in Spanish 
  •  Candidates will be able to express their ideas fluently and effectively while using the language.

  C2- The Upper Advanced Level: 

  • This level will help the candidate understand every detail with ease. It sums up the information from various sources and a profound understanding of the Spanish dialects, language and grammar.

  Duration & Fees

  • A1-30 Hrs fess-INR 9500/-
  • A2-30 HRS fees-INR 9500/-
  • B1-40 HRS fees- INR-12500
  • B2- 40 HRS -INR-12500/-
  • C1-40 HRS fees-INR-15000/-
  • C2-40 HRS fees- INR-15000/-


  • It gives jobs globally in the field of the Spanish Langauge.
  • One can get hired by the companies like Amazon, JP Morgan.
  • One can work as a Freelancer or Full- time professional.
  • You can implement your learnings in your internship after the completion of the course.
  • The Academy awards a certificate approved by the Govt. of India.
  • The Academy provides E-Learning facilities also with videos, tools and techniques.
  • A student can go through the description of the Langauge in the links given:

   2. Sprachlingua- The Langauge School

  •  Spanish is dominant like any other European language with its sweet and unique type of pronunciation. 
  • It is the first training institute in Chennai to teach Spanish without homework. It gives methods and tells techniques to remember Spanish. 
  • They have a centre in T.Nagar, Sprachlingua excels in teaching the language and nurtures the students for translation. 
  • The courses range from basic to spoken. 
  • An adequate number of books and videos interactions are distributed to the students and prepared for learning. 
  • They even entertain one on one private tuitions that are custom made according to your need.
  • The institute helps the students to learn Spanish within weeks.
  • Check out the description of the Spanish Langauge training course in the link provided

     Fees Structure

  •  Prices start at INR 10,000.

   Benefits and Fees Structure

  • Courses hers are range from Basic to spoken
  • Entertains One to One Tuitions
  • Fees are from Rs10,000/.

  3. Institute of Spanish Studies

  It helps in learning grammar, linguistic ability and basic expressions and prepares students for SIELE and DELE. The institution is a reputed academy that teaches the Spanish language.

 It makes it one of the best places to learn Spanish in Chennai and other cities of India. 

We give you complete detail about the qualification, experience and exposure of our expert trainers and teachers so that a student can make informed decisions before joining the courses. We love the Spanish language, literature, culture, thus wants the same passion among the learners. We are proud to have the best teachers and trainers of the Spanish language in India with us. SPANISH FROM QUALIFIED SPANISH TEACHERS who are experts in imparting the education


  • A1-Beginner Course
  • A2-Elementary Level
  • Lower Intermediate Level
  • Upper-Intermediate Level
  • Advanced Level

  Fees Structure

  • A1- Rs 14,750/-
  • A2.1- Rs.14175/-
  • A2.2- Rs.14175/-
  • B1.1- Rs.15750/-
  • B1.2- Rs.15750/-
  • B2.1- Rs.15750/-
  • B2.2- Rs.15750/-

   4.SESHAA Linguatic India

  • Seshaa Linguatech is a private training institute for Foreign Languages and NEET (UG) (NATIONAL ELIGIBILITY CUM ENTRANCE TEST). 
  • The institute imparts detailed personal attention to students treated as individuals and encourages them to develop their skills to the best of their ability. 
  • There are lots of facts about the Seshaa Linguatech in the description:

  5. Instituto Hispania

  • This institute helps in maintaining a high standard to teach the students. 
  • The Spanish Langauge course helps the learner be competent and create a stimulating and interactive learning environment to fulfil the linguistic requirement of the Indian student

Course Structure

Basic Module (A1 + A2)

Hispania Uno-A1

  • Introduction to Langauge- Grammar, punctuations, verb, pronoun
  • Irregular verbs and infinite verbs.
  •  Course Duration- 63 hours and fees Rs 15,300. 

Hispania Dos A2.1 

  • One can use the words in present continuous tense and express her ideas and make comparisons.

Fees Structure of Hispania Dos – A2.1

  • Course Duration- 60 hours and fees Rs15,295.75/-

Hispania Tres

  •  The session is a 60-hour course completed in 5 weeks (Weekday courses) and Ten weeks (Weekend courses). 
  • The end of this learning signifies the completion of the Basic Module.
  • The language will be more autonomous as one can furnish oneself with the knowledge of the present, past and future tenses.

Intermediate Module (B1 + B2)

The Intermediate Module comprises three types of sessions with Hispania Cuatro, Hispania Cinco and Hispania Seis.

Hispania Cuatro

  • This session marks the beginning of the Intermediate Module.
  •  It is a 60-hour course completed in 4 weeks (Weekday and Courses) 8 weeks (Weekend courses).

Hispania Cinco

  • In this advanced level, the course content is to achieve the B1 level of proficiency according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference). 

Hispania Seis

  • It covers the B2 level of Spanish that introduces specific topics and introduces highly advanced expressions.
  •   The grammar is to move towards more advanced uses of the previously learned structures.

Advanced Module (C1 +C2 )

  • Hispania Siete
  • Hispania Ocho

7. Inaword Centre For Language

  • InaWord has been offering Spanish classes in Chennai since 2002. The Spanish program at INaWORD has grown fast to become one of the main languages to offer. We have Span
  • A1 and A2 courses are at the Basic level.
  •  B1 and B2 courses are at the intermediate level.
  • C1 and C2 courses are at the advanced level.


     Rs. 17,455/-

   Most popular language in the world

  • Spanish Langauge is the 4th popular language in the world.
  •  There are 437 million Spanish speakers in the world.
  •  The official language of 21 countries.
  •  In the US, 418 million people speak. 
  • European Union, 8% speaks as 1st Langauge, 7% speaks as 2nd Langauge.
  •  Mexico is the biggest speaking.US is the 2nd followed by Columbia, Argentina, Spain.

One can learn Spanish courses from Chennai Academy by attending all relevant Spanish Classes and getting mesmerised with Spanish culture. You can see it in the link provided.

Spanish Courses in Chennai has got a lot of benefits and advantages, Jane. I hope you understand by reading this Blog.


Babbel and Pimsleur are Spanish Softwares that offer good courses but take approaches to language learning. Some of the key factors between the two include:

  • Pimsleur primarily focuses on the oral language that helps learners to develop their conversational skills rapidly.
  • Babbel teaches more holistically, including grammar and writing exercises, two areas mostly ignored by Pimsleur. If anyone wants to know this software Babbel go through the link:
  • Students who use Babbel will have more well-rounded knowledge of the language, 
  • But lower in speaking and listening skills compared with students using Pimsleur.
  • Pimsleur focuses on Constant prompts encourage the learners to be active and produce the learning of the Spanish language rapidly.
  • Revision of lessons done in the next class
  • Pimsleur software gives a variety of knowledge which one can read in the link:
  • All the chapters are short, structured, easy to understand.
  • It is easy to read, write and understand.


Spanish Translator is like a language expert with you wherever you go.

  • Learn Spanis+ This app helps you start speaking Spanish today.
  • Hello Talk- It’s the Ultimate Langauge Exchange that connects with the native speakers.
  • Busuu- It has got features to ease with Spanish Classes.


  • Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish
  • Basic Spanish.
  • Easy Spanish Step-By-Step 1st Edition
  • 501 Spanish Verbs (501 Verb Series) 8th Edition
  • Living Language Spain.


Anu: Indeed. Let’s go and fill up the form to learn Spanish.

Jane: I do have some doubts to clear before learning Spanish

Anu: Why don’t you go through the FAQs?

Jane: Yes, Of Course

Speaking Spanish is equally distinctive other than English for economic growth cause in Central, South America the Spanish language is spoken widely, thus beginning to thrive economically. It was not seen before on these continents.

 Here are the FAQs.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1 : What promotes learning Spanish?

  ANS: i) Benefits Employment
Spanish Langauge courses from Chennai helps in employment. It is the 6th official Langauge of the UN. With the increased economic growth in Latin America, Spanish Langauge Courses rates the highest GDP growth.     
ii)Promotes Art & Literature
Spanish Langauge courses from Chennai helps in promoting art and literature. It helps to enter the rich world of Hispanic tradition. You can engage in original, authentic language rather than translation.
iii)Hip-Hop Culture
We all have heard about Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, Pitbull, Shakira. It is difficult to hit the music industry without Spanish Pop like Be With You and Escape

Q 2 : Is Spanish a modern Vernacular capturing modern brands?

ANS:  Yes, Spanish captures a lot of brands and restaurants.
Spanish Langauge Courses captures as modern Vernacular of many large brands and restaurants like Taco Bells saying Yoqueiro Taco Bell or
 Mc Donalds. Walmart spends dollars every year targeting Hispanic values and traditions.

Q 3 : What is DELE and SIELE Exams in Spanish mean?

ANS:  Exams like DELE given by the Ministry Of Education of Spain, exams are for A1 Levels. It consists of 4 Sections Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking. Kindly go thorough description of the exam in the link below,
A person learning this language can give this exam as well. Given below is the detailed description of the link:

Q 4 What is the type of career structure of learning the Spanish Langauge?

There are a lot of Spanish Companies that increase footprints in India. There are paths like tourism, international business, journalism. Jobs in BPO, KPO. can be found. One can get a job in a foreign embassy as
Translators and Interpreters
Human Resource
Information Technology
Spanish cooking in Spanish oriented channels or cookery shows

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