Top 10 Sap Fico Courses in India: 2023


“SAP FICO” is mainly called a module of “SAP ERP” which is generally used for the purpose of financial reporting both on an internal and external basis. The full form of “SAP FICO” is “FI, Financial Accounting” and “CO” which stands for “Controlling”. The main objective is to record all “financial transactions” that are mainly “posted” by an entity that takes up the responsibility to produce the financial statements and measure their accuracy at the end of the “trading period”. It is mainly a tutorial that explains the overview of the “SAP FICO” module. The concept of “SAP FI” is generally made up of different “SAP FICO” modules that are used for the purpose of measuring “accounts receivable”, “accounts payable”, “asset accounting”, “general ledger” and “bank accounting”.

Top 10 “SAP FICO COURSES” In India

1. Henry Harvin “SAP FICO S/4 HANA Course” Training

The Henry Harvin “SAP FICO Course” is one of the prominent modules that help the students increase their course of knowledge and skills. The “SAP FI” referred to as “financial accounting” and “SAP CO” called as “controlling” enables the students to get information on the “accounting and controlling” standards through which they become professionals in mastering the terms and conditions of “SAP FICO” software on the “S/4 HANA Server”. Henry Harvin has the best resources and highly advanced “lab tools” where every update on the “SAP FICO Course” is given.

The “SAP FICO Course” is generally a 9 in 1 course that provides a wide range of features to the students which are identified below:

  1. This course provides 44 hours of live training sessions that are conducted in classrooms.
  2. The students would have the chance to undertake projects in “SAP FI” and “SAP CO”.
  3. They will also be able to get “internship assistance” which would help them to gain a practical experience of their course of knowledge.
  4. The candidates can also get certification of the “SAP FICO S/4 HANA Training course” from Henry Harvin itself.
  5. The “SAP FICO Course” provided by Henry Harvin will also enable the students to get 100% placement assistance.
  6. The students will also get the chance to get the gateway of learning online where they would be provided with wide variety of tools and techniques that would contain video resources and assessment materials.
  7. They will also get access to the “regular boot camps” that would be conducted over the next 12 months.
  8. They will also get access to the “Hackathons” and competitions.
  9. Through this course they would be able to get 1 year of Gold Membership of Henry Harvin.

Trainers at Henry Harvin

  1. The “SAP FICO Course” at Henry Harvin is generally initiated by the most respected industry experts who have gained more than 10 years of work experience.
  2. The “SAP FICO Course” in Henry Harvin is determined by the “training partners” very carefully and at the same time they are recognized by “numerous organizations” who have gained experience over the years.
  3. The “SAP FICO Course” will also be undertaken by such persons who had been in invited for around 100+keynote classes for the purpose of getting “SAP FICO Training” including the classes which are mainly done under the “S/S Hana Server”.
  4. The “SAP FICO Course” will be also undertaken by experts who have delivered more than 500 lectures and at present they are recognized as “domain experts” in collaboration with “Henry Harvin”.

Live Projects

The students would be experiencing “hands-on training” with the live industry projects during the “Certified SAP FICO Training Course”.

Alumni Recognition

The candidates on completion of this course will be able to be a part of the “Elite ERP Academy” of Henry Harvin. Through this, they would be prominent members of 3, 00, 000+ “strong alumni network” on a worldwide basis.

Learning Benefits of the “SAP FICO Training Course”

  1. Learning the “SAP FICO Course” would turn out to be useful; for both the student and the company.
  2. The “SAP FICO Course” certificate would be an important determinant in boosting a student’s career.
  3. The “SAP FICO Course” would help in gaining huge amount of respect from the “colleagues and the employers”.
  4. The students on completion of this ““SAP FICO Course” would get the opportunity to get placed in reputed companies.
  5. “SAP FICO Course” would help the students get an handsome amount of salary and side by side will also help the business grow on a “substantial basis”.
  6. The “SAP FICO Course” will help to build better relationship with the clients and claim business.
  7. The “SAP FICO Course” will also serve to be an important factor in getting recognition in “professional life”.

Eligible Candidates to apply for “SAP FICO Course”

The positive side of the “SAP FICO Course” is that it is useful for everyone who is interested and with the employees of the “finance industry”. To get trained for this course no such requirements are needed in particular, but this course is mainly suitable for:

  1. The “SAP FICO Course” is generally for the Finance Professionals
  2. The “SAP FICO Course” is suitable for job seekers who are looking for employment in the domain of “SAP FICO”.
  3. Professionals who want to make their resume look appealing.
  4. Graduates who are looking for a successful career.
  5. Employees switching to the “Finance Profession” from any domain.

Modules of the SAP FICO Course

The “SAP FICO Course” is normally divided into “SAP FI” and “SAP CO” that provide all the aspects of handling “financial transactions” as well as controlling and increasing the productivity of the business process. Both “SAP FI” and “SAP CO” have different reasons for implementation. “SAP FI” is mainly implemented to look after the financial transactions and at the same time generate the “financial statements”. The reports generated by “SAP FICO” are normally used by the banks and the “tax authorities”. On the other hand, the “SAP CO” module is mainly determined to organize and plan and at the same time compare the data that has been already planned including the “actual business data” to look after the main difference.

“Sub Modules” of the “SAP FI” Course

  1. General Ledger

These are the ledger accounts that are mainly used for reporting purposes. They are normally managed through the “provisions” of “ledger accounting”. They are generally used to provide a complete report of the “internal and external” accounting standards.

  • Accounts Receivable

This is generally used to manage the “customer accounts and the transactions”. The “transactions” which are generally included in the “accounts receivable” include “invoice posting”, “down payments”, “credit memo posting”, and “customer reports”.

  • Accounts Payable

This is identified as a “sub-module” that contains all the “transactions” which are carried on with the customers. On the other hand, the accounts payable are also responsible for managing the different “vendor accounts”. It mainly contains the data that deals with the “vendor transactions” and the “vendor accounts”. The “transactions” in the “accounts payable” generally involve “invoice posting”, “credit memo posting”, “and down payment”, and“invoice payment”.

  • “Asset Accounting”

This is a certain “sub-module” of the “SAP FI” perspective which is generally used to manage all transactions that are related to the “assets” of an organization. This is used to maintain the “assets” of the company, which includes all sorts of “fixed assets”, like land and buildings and heavy equipment.

  • “Bank Accounting”

It is responsible for managing all the “transactions” that are related to the bank. This is normally responsible for merging all the transactions that are determined over the “bank statements”. At the last phase, it can compare the data which are mainly stored in the system.

Execution of the “SAP FI”

For the implementation of “SAP FI,” a necessary configuration is needed. For identifying the “configuration” details it is necessary to look after the “client needs” and the business requirements. After this is done all the “financial statements” are transferred to “SAP FI”. The completion of the process leads to the posting of the document on an automated basis. By doing this the company can track all the “financial transactions” and at the same time helps in the necessary “financial reporting”.

“Sub Modules” of the “SAP CO” Course

  1. Elements of Cost

It normally defines the source of cost and also determines various company costs. It also gives an overview of the “cost and revenue” related to a certain company.

  • Cost Centers pertaining to accounting

It generally deals with the expenditures that are related to the internal department of the company. The “cost center” includes only the expenses and does not deal with the revenues.

  • “Profit Centers”

This normally deals with the expenses and the revenues and gives information on the business lines of the company. “Profit Center”, is generally used for managing the “internal controlling”. When the company is generally divided into “profit centers” it allows to delegate responsibility into certain “decentralized units” and treat them as “separate units” in a company. “Profit Center” is generally a part of the “SAP FICO module” which is integrated into the “General Ledger Accounting”.

The main aim of creating a “profit center” in the aspects of “SAP CO” is to analyze and look after the cost that is associated with a “product line” or a certain business unit.

Through this, the candidates can generate the “profit and loss accounts” in accordance with the “profit center” through which they can generate the balance sheets which are normally used for the “internal reporting purpose”.

The main components of the “profit center” normally include:

  • Name of the “profit center”
  • “Controlling area” under which the main profit is assigned.
  • Time Period
  • Concerned person for the “profit center”.
  • Internal Orders

This is used for managing the expenses that are mainly used for “smaller internal projects”. The aspects of “internal orders” are mainly used to handle the “overhead costs” that are mainly incurred for a specific event, project, or activity. This is generally used for a restricted period while “executing a job” or generating a long-term “portion” of the “overhead costs”.

The “overhead costs” are generally used to collect all “actual costs” that are incurred in the normal business process. This allows the costs to be monitored on a continuous basis which is looked over on a “periodic basis” and at the month-end for the purpose of planning “monitoring the cost” of a specific job. “Internal Orders” are generally of 4 types:

  • “Overhead Orders”
  • “Profitability Orders”
  • “Investment Orders”
  • “Production Orders”.
  • Profitability Analysis

This is generally used for analyzing the “profit and loss” of the company. This is used for measuring the “product profitability”, “pricing” and the evaluation of the main “target market”. “Profitability Analysis” helps to evaluate the market segment that determines the sales in different business areas. The system is normally classified according to the products, customers and orders.

The main objective of “profitability analysis” of “SAP FICO Course” is to provide sales, marketing, product management and corporate planning.

Execution of the “SAP CO”

The execution of “SAP CO” helps the companies to handle information related to the business. Implementation of “SAP CO” helps the business to deal with “business reporting and decision making”.

Advantage of the “SAP FICO Course”

This is one of the best courses that can help a student to get a “reputed job” in the multinational companies and also to start a career as an “SAP FICO Consultant”. With the “SAP FICO” certification course students would be able to combine the aspects of “sales and distribution”, “plant material management”. It also opens up a wide range of options which can open up new opportunities. Having strong knowledge about the “SAP FICO” would help the employees handle the standards “accounting and reporting”. “SAP FICO” training delivers a better understanding of the “finance accounting and reporting standards”.

Check Henry Harvin’s Customers Reviews:

Urvashi AgarwalRadhika BhartiSimran KaurAlisha SinhaHammad AkhtarNaren Roy


This institute is one of the tops “SAP FICO Course in India” providers. This institute provides the best services that include, training, placement, and software development. Since the year of 2014, they have been providing world-class training opportunities that are spread over 30 software courses and they have committed their value by training “thousands of students”.

Key Features

  • The “SAP FICO” courses carried over here covers the areas of “business process”, “financial accounting”, “global settings”, “FI Accounts Receivable and Payable” and “FI Bank Accounting, Taxation and Integration”.
  • The students who have a financial accounting background can apply for this course.
  • The candidates are mainly trained through the live projects that are made available from time to time.
  • The main “USP” of this institute is that it provides 80% of its sessions through the mode of “practical instruction”.
  • After the completion of the course the students would be eligible for getting “placement as well as assistance”.


This is identified to be one of the prime institutes concerning the “SAP FICO Course in India”. Udemy generally prepares the students to learn and implement certain steps that would help in configuring “SAP FI” and “SAP CO” modules for any particular organization. After the completion of the course, the students would be able to identify and analyze the main requirements of the business which would be concerned with the “record to report process cycle” including the configuration of the “SAP Modules” accordingly.

Suitability of the course

  • The “SAP FICO Course in India” provided by Udemy is for the people who want to learn “SAP FICO” configuration and implementation.
  • This “SAP FICO Course in India” undertaken by Udemy also looks after the “SAP Users” who wish to extend their knowledge and configure “SAP FICO”.
  • This “SAP FICO Course in India” generated by Udemy is also meant for the other “ERP Consultants” who want to learn the basics of “SAP FICO” implementation and configuration.

Udemy specializes in providing the best “SAP FICO Course in India” that mainly covers the following modules:

  • “SAP FICO” (Finance and Controlling) made easy for the beginners.
  • “SAP S/4HANA” (Finance Training) vs “SAP FICO”.
  • “SAP FICO” Electronic Bank Statement including “lockbox”.
  • “SAP FICO” (Finance and Controlling) Certification Training.
  • “SAP MM” (Material Management).


This institute is one of the prime providers of the “SAP FICO Course in India”. It has a unique collaboration with “Oracle” and “Microsoft”. This institute is said to have been holding the best and “inevitable” position in the “IT-Software Training Sector”. It mainly looks after the “planning”, “controlling”, “coordinating” and “motivation aspects”. The institute also looks after the certain problems that are mainly faced by the “coordinators” and at the same time motivates the students, “freshmen”, “job seekers” and the professionals who are working in Multinational Companies. It takes certain standard measures that are mainly needed by the trainees and also has 24-hour internet access.

Key Features

  • The institute is recognized as the best training center when it comes to the “SAP FICO Course in India”. The reason for this is that it provides the training both at the “beginner and at the advanced level”.
  • The training is normally provided for around 40 hours and it includes “hands-on experience”.
  • More than 12000 students were normally placed and were recognized as “certified professionals”.
  • The students can access the “LMS” on a lifetime basis.
  • The freshers and the working professionals are provided with a 100% placement support.
  • The training and “lab facilities” are normally provided by the “experienced trainers”.
  • This training institute covers the topics such as “General Ledger”, “Cash and Accounting”, “Accounts Payable”, “Accounts Receivable” at the basic level.
  • Once the students are prepared for the course around 70%, this institute would provide the students with placement opportunities by scheduling them accordingly with the interview calls.

5. “SAP Education Atos”

“ATOS” is one of the top providers of the “SAP FICO Course in India”. This institute is recognized to provide “SAP FICO education” services for more than 20 years. The institute believes in giving professional knowledge and skills. It understands the growing popularity of the “SAP FICO” in the existing market. The institute and its certification program are spread over different countries that provide high-quality services. The institute also provides various learning modes such as “Instructor-Led Training, ILT”, “Virtual Learning Classroom, VLC”, Online Training (OLT), that provides flexibility and meeting the specific requirements of the “SAP Consultants”.

Key Features

  • This is an “instructor led virtual classroom” training course that has a validity of 20 days
  • There are around 1400 “global recruiting partners” who would help the candidates in finding the required internship when needed.

6. ICA

This institute is recognized to be one of the top providers of the “SAP FICO Course in India”. It was mainly established in the year 1999 as “ICA Edu Skills” which focuses upon providing employment to the youth and bringing them through an established training module at an affordable fee. It also helps in making the students capable by mastering them in “skilled labor” by offering them with “practical training approach. After the completion of the course, the students will be able to get assistance and placement in the top multinational companies. 

“ICA Edu Skills” is recognized to be one of the best training institutes in India which has shaped millions of careers in various fields. There are above 200 training centers that are appreciated by the “brand and organization” every year.

Key Features

  • It provides an industry oriented approach.
  • It also gives a professional certification.
  • It also helps the students in finding their desired job.
  • It provides an “in hand practical and theoretical approach”.
  • The students can easily understand the principles of accounting and can also get in touch with the existing curriculum.
  • “ICA Edu Skills” provide the best “SAP FICO Course in India” which uses expert methods for teaching “financial accounting”.


This institute provides one of the best “SAP FICO Courses in India”. In this institute, there are more than “300 IT and non-IT” training courses that are mainly offered to professionals for generating different employment opportunities. The institute also guarantees 100% placement assistance. Their “training program” is mainly tailored to meet the specific needs of the “MNC’S” which helps in moving along with the collaboration with the existing trends. 

Key Features

  1. “ERP SAP FICO” courses offered by “APTRON” helps in getting a hands-on experience which also guarantees to get full job assistance.
  2. “APTRON” helps in making the students get placed in top IT firms.
  3. The courses are mainly designed to prepare the students handle all sort of challenging environments by which they can develop easy communication skills.
  4. This “SAP FICO Course in India” is mainly designed to help the students adjust themselves with the “latest industry trends”.
  5. It also helps
  6. This institute provides a “mix of academic learning” that provides the students with “maximum exposure” with the help of qualified professionals.

8. “SEED SAP Training Academy”

“SEED InfoTech Limited” provides one of the best “SAP FICO Courses in India”. It has established its training in the year 1994. This institute is normally identified as an “SAP Education Partner” which helps in setting the standard in the perspectives of “SAP ERP education” and training aspects in India. The institute is recognized to provide recruitment, “contract deployment”, “HR Vendor Outsourcing” and different assessment services that are meant for the “corporate clients”. They are normally identified to be the “approved vendors” for the leading companies like “TCS”, “Tech Mahindra”, “L&T InfoTech”, “Cognizant”, and “Mindtree”. The institute is identified to be a renowned institute that has provided services to more than 200 clients in India and abroad.

The “SEED InfoTech Placement Division” offers the students who have completed the “oriented diplomas and other courses” in the “central campus placement support”. The institute has placed its students in more than 500 leading IT Companies.

Key Features

  • To have a better “job outlook” than the peers
  • Distinguishing self from the competitors
  • Participation including the growth opportunities
  • Increase in the “success potential”
  • Improvement in the credibility
  • Value addition of the “SAP Certification”
  • Career Growth
  • The “SAP Certification” helps the employers feel much confident from the market perspectives and building security perspectives.
  • It also helps in developing certain “global opportunities”.
  • Increase Income
  • There is a certain shortage of the “SAP Consultants” in the “SAP Niche Expertise”
  • This “SAP FICO Course in India” helps in getting a superior “ROI” which would also help in getting a respective “SAP Certification”.

9. “Sapware Technologies”

This institute provides one of the best “SAP FICO Courses in India”. This mainly deals with the “online SAP Training” perspectives whose roots were mainly established in the year 2008. The main areas of professional training and services are the main goals of the company. The organization is believed to have worked with large and small companies which are seen throughout the history of “SAPware”. The “SAP FICO Course in India” provided through this institute combines the knowledge and skills that help in optimizing the output by “quantifying”, “qualifying” and at the same time “evaluating it”.

Key features

  1. Training solutions including the “professional training” are the main priorities.
  2. This institute also keeps a well balanced team of “domain experts” whose main goal is to make a “leading presence” in the “training and the HR consulting market”.
  3. They have a team of “talented and experienced” individuals who can deliver quality training.

10. Zarantech

This institute provides an online learning module related to the aspects of the “SAP FICO Courses in India”. In this institute, the “top SAP FICO” courses are designed according to their roles. This “SAP FICO Course in India” is considered to be appropriate for “new and seasoned professionals” who have this zeal to improve their existing knowledge and learn new technology. This institute covers the topic such as “credit control”, “fiscal year variations”, “tax codes” and chart of accounts.

Key features    

  • Candidates need to be well versed with the basic process of “accounting and finance” before they enroll in this course.
  • The institute provides them with the “finance and accounting domain materials”.
  • There will be a live instructor where the students would get “self-paced video tutorials”.
  • Candidates can choose between the sessions that would last for 2-3 hours which can be conducted on weekdays including weekends based on their needs.
  • On the “learning management software portal” the students can watch a recorded version of the lessons that have been missed. This includes a recording of the main topics covered.


A career in “SAP FICO” is considered to be enriching and at the same time is professionally rewarding that is beneficial from the financial perspective also. “SAP FICO” as a career perspective is considered to be the best option that is demanding. “SAP” is considered to be the “leading ERP” all over India and globally whose demand and popularity are increasing day by day., It offers a student with a huge number of career options that help in the all-over development of the student and also helps in sharpening the skills and knowledge. As a certified “SAP FICO” consultant the candidate would prove to be the highest-paid professional through which they would invent the new business processes. Looking at the present scenario “SAP FICO” is known to be one of the most famous software applications that are in high demand. This is mainly suitable for the companies who have the motive of “developing continuously” in the field of IT and business. “SAP FICO” has always been providing different ways which prove to be innovative in their own aspects from the beginning itself. To get trained an individual has to know “in-depth” about “SAP FICO” if the concerned person has a certain aim of making a career in this field.

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  • I is a B com final year student and many of my friends suggested I apply for teh SAP course as there is a huge requirement for SAP professionals in MNCs. teh list of SAP fico courses in India is good and TEMPthank you for sharing teh online platforms. they are accessible to me being a student.

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