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5+5 Tips for SEO Content Writing VS SEO Copywriting

SEO Content writing and SEO Copywriting are similar, with a significant difference between the two. Both serve differently for the different aspects of the writing purposes.

However, they both play around with the words as per the need of the target audiences. In both cases, the intention is to raise the bar of the company/business.

Let’s talk about SEO?

SEO refers to “Search Engine Optimization”, which is the process to create a website. A great SEO strategy leads the company to the top of the Google search page by increasing the possibility of people vising the site.

The SEO is to grasp the traffic from organic, free, natural, or editorial search outcomes. SEO has an important role in writing to improve your website’s position.

SEO has many goals such as increasing keyword ranks, driving to SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages), multiple internal links, convert website visitors into subscribers/buyers.

The best practices for SEO are constantly evolving with search engine algorithms. So, by using Search Engine Optimization you can enhance a website’s visibility on search engines.

The primary objective while using a search engine is to find the information through search intent, also called user intent.

For example – We can look at the “Birthday Cakes” as the keyword 

People wanting to learn to bake a cake may have many different search intents. People wanting to learn cake-decorating ideas may have some other search intents.

So, as a strong SEO, one must understand the search intent and should not only look at the keyword but should be able to write superior content for keyword-specific topics.

People get confused about the content writer and the copywriter usually. Even sometimes professionals tend to mix up the content writer with the copywriter.

Just drawing a simple line between content writer and copywriter is that content writing can be intended for anyone whereas copywriting is intended for marketing purposes.

SEO Content Writing Vs SEO Copywriting – Let us try to clear the confusion!

SEO Content Writing: What is it?

SEO content writers create high-quality content based on keywords to rank their respective content at the top to generate the flow of traffic to their website by using a search engine.

SEO content writing can be technical as well as non-technical. Not specific to any particular field the goal is to write SEO-related articles, and blogs to create dependent links.

Major objectives 

  • Increase the website’s keyword ranking
  • Update the content regularly
  • Amend internal and external links
  • Redirect the users to the multiple pages

SEO Content Writer should remember what is the expectation of the users. The major point to focus on is that ‘Keywords are the key’. They need to be wise to use keywords efficiently and effectively for the website. Remember “Customer is the King”, and accordingly create captivating content to relate with them.

SEO content writers create content that attracts many users and enable them to stay on your website for a longer time. Furthermost, SEO Content Writing involves the following 

  • Business content to land the page
  • Whitepapers
  • Ebooks
  • And many more …

SEO Copywriting: What is it?

There is no denying the fact that SEO Copywriting is catching the digital world of today’s generation. It is the best entity for the business as well as for clients.SEO Copywriting plays a vital role in the writing firm and its reputation holds it the most populous career decision. SEO Copywriter has to be smart enough to generate a huge amount of traffic for your website.

SEO Copywriting is mostly about sales conversions and lead formation. Although both SEO Content Writing and SEO Copywriting are equally important in their own disciplines.

Taking an example SEO Copywriting is used in Google Ads, Social Media Posts, Product Descriptions, Facebook Ads, Product Collection Pages, and many more if included.

The major point to remember is the success of any marketing campaign is dependent on the Copywriter’s ability to write sales conversation content. This process involves marketing research capacity. SEO Copywriting must resonate with your audience, and calls to action to entice users to buy your company’s product.

Coming to the point, once the SEO Content Writer is done with writing the content, next is the time to boost sales. In this case, the SEO Copywriter experience enters your niche and uses the required tools to help search engines fetch it as the first priority. SEO Copywriters have to have sufficient skills in the business to optimize the content as per the target audience.

Primarily SEO Copywriters work on-

  • Writing a brand new web pages
  • Updating the content pages regularly

SEO copywriters need to research the market thoroughly and preference the target audience, including the Sales Page, Non-SEO landing pages, Facebook and Insta Ads, Email and taglines, and many more. 

Let us jump into the topic – SEO content writing versus SEO Copywriting

1. The purpose of SEO Content Writing is to tangle around the links whereas SEO Copywriting enhances user experience.

SEO Content Writing obliges interlinking the content within and outside the content. It enhances the statics to attract users to your website with a single click. Major SEO Content Writing uses multiple counts of keywords in the content to fetch the user’s attention as the traffic to the content.

There’s nothing special about it whereas it’s just a link-bait article that drives traffic, but it doesn’t create any ‘stickiness’ on its own.

SEO Copywriting is maintained for a community of people to engage and draw the people to keep them hooked to add value to the website. It is about writing the content to generate value for the business website and sharing your content on social media. Also linking back to your website to bring in the new traffic.

2. Keyword density has an important role in SEO content writing whereas SEO copywriting uses keywords normally.

SEO Content Writing needs to add keywords throughout the content on the article/blog to increase the search engine rankings.

SEO content writing includes articles/blogs with specific keywords multiple times in the content. Increasing the number of keywords in your content will direct the target audience’s flow to your content.

SEO Copywriting creates content for the business. The content needs to target the audience, they just need to connect them. SEO Copywriting serves to facilitate business expansion.

3. SEO Content Writer creates the internal links in the content whereas SEO Copywriters concentrate on increasing the readability of the business

SEO content writers should use the article as a lure to redirect users from the landing page, while SEO writers do not redirect the link. The SEO copywriter shines the words to connect with the audience so that readers don’t have to elapse between clicks. 

4. SEO content writing will be grimy with links that may be irrelevant sometimes whereas SEO copywriting links are relevant to the pages

An SEO Content Writer links many internal links to get their articles/writing ranked best. SEO Content Writer creates the links to divert traffic away from you or sometimes direct it elsewhere.

An SEO Copywriter links to the relevant websites to better the flow of traffic to the content to be shared and voted on about the business.

5. SEO Content Writers may create the same content whereas SEO Copywriter tries to certain particular content 

SEO Content Writers may create the same content sometimes to rank their website at the top. So, if you want to rank your website you need to keep on updating your content to rank your website.

SEO copywriters never create the same content for the website. Instead, the SEO Copywriter has to pick one idea and deliver it to the target audience in a new way to make it clear to understand.

6. SEO Content Writers may include many social media links whereas SEO Copywriter links only to the relevant pages to attract readers 

Videos and relative links to other web sources may be included in SEO content to attract audiences. They sometimes duplicate the content and create links to social media to attract the target audience to rank your website.

SEO copywriters do not need to include any social media links to the article to attract readers back to the original article. The SEO Copywriter only put the relevant links to keep the article on a particular page.

7. When you write SEO content, you create an illusion that the landing page is important, but with SEO copywriting, you increase the on-site traffic for your business.

SEO Content Writer can lead you away from the landing page. SEO Content Writer may not want the audience to get diverted from the intention to stay them at their specific content. So linking may be a doorway to your article/blog content.

But SEO Copywriters want the user to stay on the page and want them to get converted to their email subscribers, visitor, or become a customer. So SEO Copywriters need not bother about the audience to land on the same page again from where they have searched for it.

8. In SEO content writing keywords are repeated in titles and subtitles whereas in SEO copywriting keywords are used in titles and subtitles only when it is relevant

Usually, SEO Content Writer uses keywords in the titles and subtitles to make the search for the audience easy. Using multiple keywords increases the readability of the website.

SEO Copywriter diverts the normal traffic to their content, not necessarily need to use keywords in the title and subtitle. Here the goal is to convert the audience into future customers.

9. SEO Content Writing uses the same jargon in their content repeatedly whereas SEO copywriting uses keywords only if required

SEO Content Writer uses the recent trending words in their content to attract the audience with recent words and information but SEO Copywriter uses the content only to bring in the traffic to the website.

SEO Copywriter keeps an eye on the people to look at what is been searched by them. They don’t need to bother about the latest writing trends as Copywriting is trendy at that moment.

10. SEO content writing links to other high-ranking websites  whereas SEO copywriting can involve linking out to lower-ranked websites to make people visit their business

SEO Content writer links to the best high-ranked sites on Google to popularize their content article/blog. Linking to Wikipedia and high-ranking websites may be a good idea to get multiple traffics to rank the website on the top list.

SEO Copywriter links out to the website which is relevant to their business and is easy for the readers to understand and navigate to them easily. This is how SEO Copywriter increases the traffic to their relevant business.


The conclusion can be SEO Content Writing vs SEO Copywriting is a never-ending comparison with the multiple differences. There is a small difference between SEO content writing and SEO Copywriting them resulting in a good user experience for any of their respective contents.

SEO Copywriting is the process of writing, editing, and publishing content in a digital format. SEO Copywriting may include blog posts, videos, ebooks, whitepapers, and many more.

Whereas SEO Copywriting creates website content written at an expert level but still makes users easily understand and digest the topic content.



Q1. SEO Content Writing vs SEO Copywriting which is more demanding?

Ans. Based on your performance both are in demand in the business.

Q2. Can I earn better in SEO Copywriting or SEO Content Writing?

Ans. Comparatively, SEO Copywriting can fetch better income than SEO Content Writing.

Q3. Can I take online classes for SEO Copywriting or SEO Content Writing?

Ans. Yes, you can take online classes for SEO Copywriting or SEO Content Writing.

Q4. Compare SEO Content Writing vs SEO Copywriting and let me know which is better for me to join as a career?

Ans. Any of them is ok, till the time you show interest.

Q5. SEO Content Writing vs SEO Copywriting, which needs more effort?

Ans. Both need good effort to work on. But SEO Copywriting needs a little more effort when compared to SEO Content Writing.


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